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Spouse Open Work Permit in Canada

April 8, 2020BY Immigrationincanada

The government of Canada focuses more on family reunifications. They are continuously working for the benefit of immigrants. The Canadian government now allows international students or skilled workers to bring their spouse or common-law partner.

Not only that, but the spouse can also contribute to their living by working with a spouse open work permit Canada. This is a step by the taken Canadian government to help a full-time student to stay in Canada comfortably.

With an open work permit, a foreign national can work under a Canadian employer for a specified period. This type of work permit has its own benefit along with few limitations.

In this article, we’ll be discussing more spouse open work permits. Keep reading.

Spouse Open Work Permit

A spouse’s open work permit is permission given to the spouse or common-law partner of Canadian immigrants to work in Canada. The spouse can work under a Canadian employer.

In some cases, the Canadian government can also bring restrictions on any job or place where they can work. The spouse should apply for an open work permit from outside of Canada or within Canada.

The spouse or common-law partner doesn’t require a job offer to apply for an open work permit. Also, the permit will be valid for the same period as the international student’s study permit.

An open work permit is an excellent way for foreign nationals to gain valuable work experience and earn extra money. The spouse can only apply for the permit after the arrival of an international student in Canada.

Eligibility Criteria for Spouse Open Work Permit Canada

To be eligible for a spouse open work permit, the applicant should be;

  • A spouse of a skilled worker who is working under NOC 0, A, or B. The skilled worker is permitted to work in Canada for at least six months or longer.
  • A spouse of an individual applying for a job under NOC 0, A, B, or C under the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program.
  • A spouse of an international student in Canada with a full-time study permit.

Sometimes international student holds an open work permit such as; post-graduation work permit. In such cases, the spouse must attach a copy of their partner’s work permit with their application.

This must include;

  • A letter from the student’s current employer. It confirms he/she work in a NOC 0, A, or B occupation.
  • A copy of the student’s recent payslips.

An open work permit can be of two types;

  • Unrestricted open work permit
  • Occupation restricted open work permit

Unrestricted Open Work Permit

An unrestricted open work permit permits a foreign national to work in any job place and for any employer. This permit is given to individuals who have been approved in the medical test.

Sometimes an eligible worker get an unrestricted open work permit, who;

  • Haven’t passed the medical test.
  • Not intended to support the spouse or a member of a specific group of a permanent residents who is staying in Canada

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Occupation Restricted Open Work Permit

An occupation-restricted open work permit allows an eligible person to work for any employer but not for any job. The job in which the person must work will be specified.

The restriction in the job is because that person has not accomplished a medical exam. Also, the person is not allowed to work in health-related jobs. Even if the individual is from a country that doesn’t need a medical review, he/she cannot work;

  • Health services
  • Teaching in any schools
  • Childcare

Benefits of Spouse Open Work Permit

There are a lot of benefits of applying and holding a spouse’s open work permit. Applying for a spouse open work permit permits the following benefits.

  • The spouse doesn’t need to apply with an IELTS score.
  • The spouse can work full-time.
  • The work permit is valid as long as the spouse’s study permit or work permit is valid.
  • The spouse can extend their work permit considering the validity of the study permit.


We hope that we’ve been able to assist you with all the information on the spouse open work permit Canada. If you are eligible for a spouse open work permit, apply for it now. In case any assistance needed, Immigrationcanada.ca is here to help.

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