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With numerous wars going on, seeking citizenship in safe countries is nothing new. Do you want to know if you will fit into any category of seeking citizenship in Surrey? Then look no more; you are in the right place.

We have categorized types of citizenship, eligibility, and trouble one might face while pursuing. Then, we have used our experience of fifteen years to break down the concept for you.

Let us explain the categories of citizenship first.

Canadian Citizenship – By Birth to a Canadian Parent

Obtaining citizenship by birthright is the most straightforward way. If your parents are Surrey citizens, that makes you a Surrey citizen as well. However, this precise condition can get complicated under various scenarios.

Scenario 1:

If you were born in a different country and grew up there, it would be difficult for you to move to Canada as a citizen. You will have to prove that your parents are Canadian citizens. Also, you will need to prove that they are your actual parents.

Scenario 2:

Scenario 1 gets a lot more complicated if your parents are not alive anymore. Proving ties to someone who isn’t alive is a difficult job. Remember, it would be best to keep your paperwork straight. That would help you in such situations.

No matter in which scenario you are in, our firm’s citizenship lawyers will help you sort it out.

Get proof of citizenship Immigration Appeal & Spousal Sponsorship Lawyer

Changes to citizenship rules and requirements

The Canadian Government has changed the rules and conditions at different time. Though the general statements were the same for each of the cases. Here are some discussions about the changes made by Canadian Immigration authorities.

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Canadian Citizenship – After Living There as a Permanent Resident

For the past few years, Surrey has been a popular destination for migration. The country’s friendly culture and plight for equal opportunity have made it a suitable destination.

Above everything, enormous work scope and life security for everyone have made the country the number one immigrant-friendly country.

If you live in the country for a specific time as a permanent resident, you can apply for citizenship. The process of turning into a citizen is known as naturalization.

Things You Need to Do to Become a Citizen Through Naturalization

  • You will have to become a permanent resident of Surrey in Canada
  • You will have to live in Canada for 1,095 days
  • If you are in the tax slab, you will have to pay your taxes meticulously
  • You will need to appear and pass the citizenship test
  • Excellent knowledge of English or French.

Becoming a citizen through naturalization is a bit lengthy yet easy. Our team has answered few common questions encircling citizenship through naturalization.

What Happens to Naturalized Parents’ Children?

If you are naturalized before your child’s birth, the baby will be born as a Canadian citizen. If not, the baby will turn into a citizen with you.

What Happens to Naturalized Peoples’ Original Citizenship?

In Surrey There no issues with a person having dual citizenship. If the naturalizing person is from a country with no problem, he can keep dual citizenship. If not, it is his call.

How is the Citizenship Test?

The IRCC takes this test. It is a multiple-choice test. The good news is the test preparation is free, and community centers arrange them. The test covers Canadian history, geography, culture, voting laws, citizenship rights and duties. Although the test is fundamental, it is better to take some preparation classes.

Even though becoming a citizen through naturalization is easy and doesn’t require a lawyer’s assistance, we are happy to help! Our first consultation is free of cost.

Canadian Citizenship – After Living in the Country as a Refugee

Refugees enter Surrey as a Protected Person. A Protected Person will get the status of a Permanent Resident after living one year as a Protected Person. After living two and a half years as a Permanent Resident, a Protected person can apply for citizenship.

That is because s/he will get six months from his stay as a protected Person only. During this stay, a Protected Person needs to prove himself useful. So it would be wise if he would stay out of any trouble.

Besides, he will have to prove why going back to his original country is not an option.

All these things might get tricky. However, do not worry about it, as our legal team will assist you through every step of it.

Apart from these options, you can also become a resident through investing. Believe it or not, it is the fastest way of obtaining residency, which is only a year. First, you will have to invest 1.2 million Canadian Dollars for five years with zero interest. Then, after five years, the Canadian government will return your money.

It is a safe option as the government rarely disapproves, and our success rate with handling such situations is enormous! Thus, it is fine to say that a citizenship lawyer from our firm is your safest bait under all the circumstances.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is a Non-routine Application?

It is a process where a candidate needs to answer a questionnaire and submit his documents related to residence in Canada.

Can I Get My Citizenship Application Processed Urgently?

Yes, however, it depends on why you need me urgently and under which option you are applying.

Who Can Represent Me on My Citizenship Application?

You can hire legal help to represent your citizenship application. However, you will have to explain why someone else is representing you.

How Much Does It Cost to Apply for Canadian Citizenship?

A usual family of four would need around 1500 Canadian dollars to apply for Canadian citizenship.

I am a Citizen of Another Country. Will I Lose that Citizenship If I Become a Canadian?

Canada allows dual citizenship. Therefore, the candidate will not lose it for Canada. However, if the other country has such policies, the candidate will need to decide.

What Can I Do If My Citizenship Application is Refused?

At first, re-submit your application within 30 days of refusal. After that, submit a form of N-336. Remember, you need to do this at the same district office that has refused your application once. You will also need to give a 605 Canadian dollar of filing fees.

How Long Does It Take for Canadian Citizenship?

Only the citizenship process after three years of staying as permanent residence takes up to one year.

Take Part in our Citizenship Program

After getting the approval as a Canadian Citizen, you may join in an extensive range of programs. For example, Citizenship Ceremony, Canada Day, Citizenship Week, etc.

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Apply for citizenship

Recently Canada has been allowing applying in Canada. They are offering permanent residency. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) controls all the processes. However, to become a permanent citizen of Canada, you might have to follow some basic ..

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Citizenship test and interview

Generally, before getting the approval for citizenship for Canada, you might need to face a test as well as an interview. Here you will find some basic things you should know before meeting the trail and viva. Generally, the citizenship test held upon some knowledge about Canada.

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Apply Online

Are you planning to visit Canada in a few days? The first thing you need is a valid Canadian visa. Luckily, you can apply online for a visa or permit. However, what type of Canadian visa you need depends on your purpose of visit. The Canadian government offers different categories of visas or permits, such as visitor visa, an eTA, transit visa, super visa, student visa, and many more.

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