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Are you homesick for your family and relatives but cannot find any solution to get them back? Surrey is the second-largest city in Canada. It is a fantastic city with an increasing and diverse population. Thousands of immigrants are desperate to get back with their families.

Surrey Family Class Immigration Sponsorship Lawyers is a British Columbian law firm. Our experienced lawyers can help you to suggest beneficial ways of immigration programs for you. With huge successful cases, we are now one of the top-rated law firms. We guarantee you will get your family back by following some steps!

What is Family Class Immigration?

There are four different types of immigration, and one of them is family class immigration. Family class immigration is a program through which Canadian citizens and permanent residents reunite with family and relatives. Case Processing Centre (CPC) handles the sponsorship applications of family class immigration.

How to Sponsor A Family Member to Canada?

There are requirements that a person needs to fulfill for Family Class sponsorship. However, they can use the Express Entry system if they have skills and experience. There is a Provincial Nominee Program where provinces offer family sponsorships; this is preferable to sponsor relatives. However, in the case of an adopted child, people cannot use Family Class Sponsorships. 

Family Sponsorship Process

It is possible to sponsor any family member for Canadian PR if you are a citizen or P.R. from Canada. After becoming a Canadian PR, there are many potential benefits like living, working, studying, etc. If you sponsor a relative, you need to support them financially to help them live.

When IRCC gets your application, you will get AOR which is a confirmation receipt. Once you get the receipt, your six months processing time starts.  

Requirements to be a Sponsor

There are few requirements a sponsor has to follow. They are:

  • At least 18 years or more
  • They need to be under Canadian Indian Act
  • PR of Canada

There are additional requirements while sponsoring a person for P.R. They are:

  • Financially supporting them
  • Helping with basic necessity
  • Making sure of not needing social assistance.

Surrey Family Class Immigration Sponsorship Lawyers can process your sponsor application and let you know whether we approve the application.

Requirements for a Sponsor

People must have few rules to follow in the process of being a sponsor. However, they also need to do specific tasks while they think of sponsoring someone.

The main points to keep in mind are:

  1.     Prove of being financially stable
  2.     Sponsor and sponsored person sign an agreement with Government where the sponsor will provide financial support, and the sponsored person will try to be independent
  3.     Prove that they are willing to live in Canada
  4.     They cannot have any charge of a serious offence
  5.     Ineligible to pay debts
  6.     Cannot have removal order if P.R.

Who Can You Sponsor?

The sponsor cannot sponsor what they want. The person a sponsor can sponsor are:

  • Spouse
  • Common law or conjugal partner
  • Dependent children
  • Grandparents
  • Brothers and sister – under 18 years, unmarried
  • Relative of any age – maintaining restrictions
  • Accompanying relatives with your sponsored spouse, partner or children.

Sponsoring Your Spouse

One category from Family class immigration is spousal sponsorship. Through this program, a Canadian citizen or P.R. can sponsor their spouse, common law or conjugal partner. They need to apply to IRCC and get approval to get a visa. However, same-sex couples, common law or conjugal partners need to provide necessary documentary proof of relationship.

Inland sponsorship is when one partner has temporary status in Canada as a worker, visitor or student. Outland sponsorship is when the sponsor of the couple is living out of Canada.  

Sponsoring Your Child

Another category is the child sponsorship program. People with children find it challenging to live in Canada as P.R. As their children are dependent, they need to guide them, whether adopted or natural. Here, legal documents are required to prove the relationship of both sides. In many cases, we can see people processing their files of adopted children, which are in the last stage.

Who is Eligible for Family Class Sponsorship?

The Government of Canada thinks it is better to help families stay together. For this reason, Canadian permanent residents and citizens have opportunities to sponsor people to become P.R. in Canada. The list involves spouse, common/conjugal partner, dependent/adopted child, parents and grandparents.

Why Is Legal Help for Family Sponsorship Important?

Though the Government prioritizes families to live together, that is not successful without legal documents. The requirements should be fulfilled, and a simple mistake can ruin the whole process of the sponsorship process. It is important to get the most out of it to get legal help and hire a lawyer. Lawyers can show the best routes of being a good sponsor and a new P.R. in Canada.

Who Has the Right to Make an Immigration Appeal?

The right to make an immigration appeal has many points to maintain. Some of the main points to appeal are:

  • Receiving a removal order
  • Being a permanent resident of Canada
  • Having foreign and permanent resident visa
  • Being a refugee
  • Being protected person

If you feel the process is complicated, our professionals will help you understand whether you are right to make an immigration appeal.

How Long Does an Immigration Appeal Take?

Immigration appeals take a lot of time because of their complicated system. The two main reasons are file not in process and ADR handling the file in court. Therefore, the process may take six months to two years.

Surrey Family Class Immigration Sponsorship Lawyers can help you to work with your documents. It is very important to have your proper form to enter or stay in Surrey.

What are The Opportunities for New Immigrants to Migrate to Surrey, BC

There are many opportunities for new immigrants to migrate to Surrey. The different programs for immigrants help them to connect them with skills. The programs help immigrants with employment all around Surrey, e.g. construction, transportation, construction, manufacturing, health care, tourism, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many more questions that you keep on searching on the internet. So, let’s move on to those questions!

How Much Income is Needed to Sponsor a Family?

The sponsorship fee of the family class sponsorship fee is $75. However, the processing fee for relatives and children is $75, but the partner’s processing fee is $75. Moreover, the right of permanent residence fee for partners and relatives is $490, but it is free for children. 

How to Sponsor a Family Member to Come to Canada?

The three steps to sponsor a family member are getting an application package, paying the fees and finally, applying.

What If My Sponsorship Application is Refused?

When your application is refused, you can appeal within a month to IAD. Appealing through IAD is expensive, lengthy and provides no surety. It is important to contact a lawyer once your application is refused.

How Long Does the Sponsorship Application Process Take?

The sponsorship application process time depends on the Visa Office and the type of family member who is sponsored. The main priorities are partners and dependent children, which can take around a month. On the other hand, the sponsorship application of parents and grandparents might take around three years.

Who Has the Right to Make an Immigration Appeal?

The right to make an immigration appeal has many points to maintain. Some of the main points to appeal are receiving a removal order, being a permanent resident of Canada, etc. If you want to know more, please read the article.

How Long Does an Immigration Appeal Take?

Immigration appeals take a lot of time because of their complicated system. The two main reasons are file not in process and ADR handling the file in court. Therefore, the process may take six months to two years.

Can I Sponsor My Sister in Canada?

Yes, it is possible to sponsor your sister in Canada. However, to have the opportunity, you need to be at least over 18 years, be a P.R. or citizen of Canada, etc. To know more, read the article.

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