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Top 10 LMIA Jobs Available in Canada

January 14, 2021BY Faisal Mustafa

If you want to work in Canada, then you need to know about LMIA. The LMIA refers to the Labor Market Impact Assessment. If you are not aware of what is LMIA, then you are in the right place. Here we will provide you brief information about LMIA and present the top 10 LMIA jobs.

Canada has dismissed 84,000 new position opportunities reported in October 2020 alone in resentment of the rising impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic limiting the economy. However, it is making a quick and positive recovery. Hence it is evident that they will retake skilled labor to regain what was lost.

What is an LMIA?

A labor market impact assessment is a document for employers who can show that there are key positions for jobs that cannot be fulfilled by Canadian citizens or permanent residence. An LMIA permits Canadian employers to recruit competent, skilled foreign workers, allowing them as they are likewise permissible to enter Canada and meet all requirements for a work permit.

Top 10 LMIA jobs

Here are the 10 LMIA jobs for which you can apply and go to Canada with work.

1. Farm Supervisor

Agriculture is a sector that provides one of the highest revenue in Canada. The agriculture sector is huge and requires experienced, skilled, and dedicated labors. Hence Canada also requires farm supervisors.

Canada’s farming industry is expanding, notably in the grain, horticultural,  animal production, and aquaculture sectors. There are over 2.3 million jobs in this sector. You can earn about $35,939 – $49,286 on average annually.

2. Truck driver

Logistics plays a vital role all over the world, and in Canada, it is the same. A large portion of Canada’s economy is dependent on agriculture, oil, and minerals. And all of these are dependent on transportation, and the transportation industry is booming very quickly. With the growth of the industry, the requirement of truck drivers has also reached its peak.

The Average Salary of a truck driver is $45,825 – $77,903 per year.

3. Software Engineers

Canada is one of the leading nations for technological innovations. When technological advancement made the whole world dependent on software and applications, Canada is also stepping forward to do their business with flourishing and expert software engineers.

The software industry is responsible for providing approximately 1 million jobs. And the average annual salary of a software engineer is around $75,596 – $102,000.

4. Caregiver

Canada’s population is increasing, but the birth rate is not rising, and it is steadily declining. As the number of senior citizens is increasing, the demand for caregivers is also rising. Caregivers are essential for both senior citizens and children.

There is much professional training as Canada required you to be fluent in English to apply for this opportunity. The average annual salary of a caregiver is about $31,955 – $58,000.

5. Oil and Gas Drillers

Canada has plenty of natural resources. The mining sector of Canada requires more expert labors to function correctly. This flourishing industry provides the country a huge income and is for sure one of Canada’s most significant sources.

The mining sector is responsible for creating more than 1.7 million jobs. Oil and Gas drillers are highly in demand in Canada. The average salary of an oil and gas driller is $67,394 – $103,594

6. Construction Managers

Constructions are something that cannot be undermined all over the world. The human population is increasing, and there is a huge rise in commodities and other welfares. Structures like apartment buildings, roads, shopping malls, offices, and hospitals are building every day. Hence there is a huge demand for construction managers.

There are plenty of jobs for a construction manager in Canada. The average annual income of a construction manager is $92,240 – $142,000

7. Web Designers

There is a technological and digital revolution going on all over the world. As most people are online today, businesses are making their presence in the digital realm.

Canada realized this and moved forward along with the world leaders, and created opportunities for experts from all over the world to join Canada. There is a greater demand for web designers in Canada, and they are welcome to work in Canada. The average annual salary of a web designer is  $80,126 – $94,322.

8. Registered Nurses

The sector of healthcare and medicine has been going through dire straight all over the world since covid-19. And now there is a shortage of doctors and nurses in Canada as well. Hence there is a huge opportunity for registered nurses to be a part of the Canadas health care industry.

You can choose government and non-government healthcare facilities and make one of these your workplace. The average salary of a registered nurse is $80,126 – $94,322.

9. Civil Engineer

As we have mentioned before, the infrastructural industry is booming in Canada, and there is a shortage of civil engineers. Roads and highways, Malls and apartments, schools and hospitals, etc., are being built all over Canada. Hence the demand for civil engineers is very high.

The average annual income of a civil engineer in Canada is $66,843 – $102,000.

10. Electrician

Along with technological advancement, the use of electricity is rising. A typical house in Canada consists of multiple electronic devices, and that is just a house. Think about malls, offices, healthcare facilities, and stores.

Electricians are high in demand, and they are needed all over. The average annual salary of an electrician is around  $66,300 – $84,088.

Final Word

The LMIA  is a necessary document for getting a job in Canada. But many applicants do not know about it; hence we came up with the article where you will get the ten most popular LMIA jobs. You can share this with your loved ones and get ready to process your application. Best of luck and have a good day.

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