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Want to fight an immigration decision? Our immigration litigation law practice can help when immigration decisions don’t go your way.

We can launch litigation on your behalf when:

  • Your visa application is denied.
  • You’re refused entry to Canada.
  • You’re a refugee.
  • You’re applying to remain in Canada on humanitarian grounds.
  • You’re facing deportation.
  • You’ve been arrested or detained by CBSA, or know you are under investigation by the CBSA.
  • You need to appeal a denial of permanent residency.
  • You’ve been ordered to appear at an admissibility hearing.
  • Cơ quan quản lý xuất nhập cảnh cáo buộc bạn không đáp ứng các nghĩa vụ cư trú của mình.

Our attorneys are some of the toughest litigators in Canada, and we can help you by preparing your case and arguing on your behalf. When the odds seem impossible, our attorneys can help.

Đơn bị Từ chối

You can appeal any decision that relates to permanent residency, but cannot appeal other types of immigration decisions. Yet you may request a judicial review of any immigration matter. This review goes before the Federal Court.

The review won’t hear new evidence, but will allow you to show that the denial violates Canadian law, the denial has denied the facts of your case, or the denial has breached the principles of fairness and justice.

In every case you have a time limit that must be observed.

  • You have 15 days to request a judicial review if you are in the country.
  • You have 30 days to request a judicial review of citizenship or permanent residency decisions.
  • If you are outside of Canada you have 60 days to request a judicial review of your application.

Refugee Claim Denials

There are few things more stressful than having your refugee claim denied. Hearing that Canada wants to send you back to your own country is terrifying. We can help by requesting a pre-removal risk assessment or PRRA. This process helps prove that you are in danger of torture, persecution, or cruel and unusual treatment should be sent back to your home country.

Your attorneys will have to provide the courts with evidence that wasn’t available when your original refugee claim was heard. In addition, they need to be able to show that there was no way to make the information available at the time when you made your claim. If your immigration litigation team makes a successful case with the PRRA process then you will be granted permanent residency status. If your PRRA fails you can appeal for judicial review just like anyone else who has had any other kind of application denied.

Another option is to appeal to the Refugee Appeal Division at the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada.

Do not attempt this process alone. The stakes are too high and the danger is too great. Get help from one of our experienced immigration lawyers to ensure that your case is as strong as possible.

Phòng thủ loại bỏ

If you are facing deportation due to criminal charges either in Canada or your home country then our immigration litigation attorneys can help.

Chúng tôi trợ giúp khi:

  • You’ve been accused of overstaying your visa.
  • You’ve been accused of inadmissibility due to criminal charges.
  • You’ve been accused of misrepresentation.
  • Bạn đang bị trục xuất vì lý do an ninh.

We can stop the removal process in its tracks by requesting a deferment, or ask for a Federal Court Stay.

Removal defense requires keen legal expertise and the drafting of in-depth legal arguments. We can help make a case for why you should be allowed to remain in Canada. We can also help you secure your freedom if you’ve been arrested or detained by CRSA.

Phiên điều trần về khả năng chấp nhận

If the federal government believes you are not eligible to remain in Canada or to be admitted to Canada then they may schedule an admissibility hearing. You will need to navigate these hearings with the help of an experienced immigration litigation attorney.

There are five kinds of inadmissibility. The first is criminal inadmissibility. This applies to spies, terrorists, those who have committed human rights violations, those who have been committed of any crime punishable by at least ten years in Canada, or those who can be proven to be part of criminal organizations.

The second is medical inadmissibility. Canada knows if you become a permanent resident that they’ll have to provide you with government health insurance. They want to make sure your health is not such that it will place an undue burden on this system.

Third, there is financial inadmissibility, in which the government rejects your application on the grounds that you do not have the funds to support yourself while you are in Canada. If you are attempting to sponsor a family member in as a permanent resident you have to show that you can support both yourself and the family member you want to sponsor for a period of at least three years.

Fourth, there is inadmissibility on the grounds that you gave false, misleading, or fraudulent information on your application for a visa or for permanent residency.

Finally, there is inadmissibility on the grounds that you violated Canadian immigration law at some time during your past.

We’ll meet with you to discuss exactly why the government is worried about your eligibility. Then we’ll begin gathering the evidence that we will need to make a case for why you are admissible. When necessary, we will find witnesses who can help support your case.

We’ll turn this evidence into a persuasive legal argument that can save your visa application.

Immigration Litigation is Stressful, But Our Team Can Help.

We’ve helped thousands of immigrants with some of the most challenging cases that immigration law can throw at us. We have decades of expertise in the laws and legal strategies required to help ensure that immigration officials rule in your favor.

We even have fluent Mandarin and Punjabi attorneys on staff so you can get help in your native language.

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