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Visitor Visa Extension for Parents

November 26, 2020BY Faisal Mustafa

According to many, the visitor visa extension for parents can be challenging, but it is not that challenging in reality. However, it requires many documents and forms to fill up when you have every document and information. When you have everything precise to extend your visa, then you are just a few steps away.

This article will provide all information to apply for a visa extension and all the documents you need. The visa extension application process is not too different from the usual visa extension process. For a more extended stay, there are more solutions that we will provide additional in this article.

Required documents to apply visitor visa extension for parents

When you apply for a visitor visa before coming to Canada, you must provide some visa information. Some of that information and documents are also needed for the visa extension application.

Documents for Visa Application

These are the documents that you will need to apply for a visa extension. Along with these documents, there are additional documents that are necessary for Visa extension. One of the primary documents that you additionally need is the visitor record.

Visitor record

A visitor record is a document for staying in Canada. This document gives you the status as a visitor, and it has a specific date of expiry. To extend your visitor’s visa, you will need this document as a part of the extension process. You will be given a new date, which means a new date until you can stay in Canada.

How to apply a Visitors record?

One of the simple ways to apply a Visitors record is by applying online. When you apply online, the documents reach the concerned people faster, and they can check it and get back to you sooner than other means.

Why is it helpful to apply online?

  • When you apply online, the document reaches the concerned people faster.
  • You will not require any delivery fee, and there is no delivery time; documents will reach instantly.
  • You cannot submit the form without completing it.
  • Since the Visa office gets your documents faster, they can get back to you sooner.
  • If they need additional documents, they can instantly get back to you, and you can also provide the documents in no time.

Apply for visitor’s record by following the easy steps

There are some simple steps which you can follow carefully to apply for a visitor’s record. These steps will lead you to get the visitor’s record; then, you can easily apply for your Visitor visa extension.

Step 1: Ensure that you have all the documents you need

You will require a scanner and camera to make digital copies of your documents. To apply for visitor records, you may also need a debit or credit card.

Step 2: Read the instruction

There are guidelines about how you can apply for a visitor report, which will lead you to have an extended visitor visa. Read all instructions carefully, even if you apply online. This instruction will inform you about how to fill-up the form and what information you need to place in the form.

Step 3: Be ready to answer the questions

Before you submit your form, there is some question that you will have to answer. The prior people who require the answer will create your personalized documents for which they need the answers.

There are online tools that present the question for you. You must provide a satisfactory answer to get your visitor report. These questions are

  1. What would you like to do in Canada?

Select “Visit”

  1. What is your current country/territory of residence?

Select “Canada”

These are the questions, and you can provide the given answer here. And then you can head to the last step.

Step 4: Make your online account to sign in

You need an account to apply online. You can use your account to:

  • Submit the application after filling up all the required information
  • Pay the required fees
  • And now you can check your status

So this is how you can apply for your visitor’s record that you need to apply for a visa extension. When you get the new date in visitor records, then in no time, you can extend your visa. Follow the four simple steps.

Super Visa

A super visa is an excellent opportunity for parents or grandparents of Canadian citizens to stay in Canada longer. If you have your child or grandchild living in Canada as a citizen, then you can go to Canada with a super visa. The difference between a super visa and a visitor visa is that with a super visa, you have a longer time of stay, and also, it is a multiple entry visa.

For a visitor visa, the time of staying is much shorter, and you have to keep applying for an extension if you need to live in Canada for a long. With a usual visitor visa, you can stay in Canada for six months, and if you want to stay longer, you have to apply for an extension.

You can apply for Super Visa online very easily. You need to fill up a form and provide the required documents. You can stay for two years or even more with a super visa. It is a multiple-entry visa so that you can get back to your country and then again fly back to Canada.

For extending your visitor visa, you can also apply for a visa extension, for which you have to go through the same process of visitor visa extension. Just ensure that you apply for an extension thirty days before the visa expires.

Final Word

When you have your loved one living far away from you, it is normal to feel like going for an extended visit. Sometimes you may also think that maybe you could stay more with our children, but we are obliged by the visa system. Keeping those people in mind, we present this article for you to be close to your loved ones.

This article is a complete guideline to renew your visitor visa and be with your children for a longer time. Many people may not know about the process but wish to stay in Canada for long; they can use these ideas for a visa extension. The method of visitor visa extension for parents is not too challenging.

We hope this article is useful for you, and you can stay with your child or children a bit longer.

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