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What Every New Immigrant to Canada Needs in Their Wallet

December 18, 2019BY Faisal Mustafa

Moving to a new country like Canada is undoubtedly an exciting opportunity and can be overwhelming as well. As a new immigrant in Canada, indeed, a lot of questions come in your mind.

The most asked question among them is, what every new immigrant to Canada needs in their wallet? Your concern is justified. Perhaps, the systems and lifestyles in Canada are quite different than your home country.

Hence, we are here with reliable advice to make your transition easier and help you make a great start. Before we start, tell us-

  • Do you have any credit cards yet?
  • What type of debit card you have, if any?
  • Do you have a gas card or your credit card that serves that job?
  • Do you have your Driver’s license?
  • Have you applied for a health card?
  • Did you get your Social Insurance Number (SIN)?

If all your answer is no, no worries, we will tell you how to get all these. These are the must-have in your wallet as a new immigrant to live and work in Canada. Read on to know more.

Get a Driver’s License

In most cases, you’ll need a driver’s license to live in provinces or territories or large metropolitan areas. Think, if you get a job offer that requires a private vehicle, you will surely need a driver’s license, don’t you?

If you have an international driving permit from your home country, you may drive up to 60 days in most provinces. Yet, you need to apply for a license immediately. You can exchange your international Driver’s license with any province license, only if you are from the following countries;

  • The USA
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Germany
  • Great Britain
  • the Isle of Man
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • New Zealand
  • Northern Ireland
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Switzerland
  • Or Taiwan

If you are from other countries, then you’ll have to apply for a driver’s license. In any case, you’ll need to contact the nearest DriveTest Centre.

Get a Social Insurance Number

In Canada, you’ll need an identification number to accesses government services and opportunities. It is also required to work in Canada. You’ll need to apply for your SIN in Service Canada.

Who is Eligible?

The permanent residents, Canadian citizens, and temporary citizens with a work permit are eligible for SIN. As per your status, you’ll need separate documents to prove your legal identity in Canada.

You can apply for SIN by mail or by the person at any nearest Service Canada office.

Get Your Credit Card

To support your living in Canada, you’ll surely need to spend on groceries or shopping centers. Anywhere you’ll need a credit card. The best part is that you can earn reward points everywhere.

There is a range of credit card options to choose from in Canada. Here are three of the best credit card options to keep things simple.

American Express Cobalt Card

  • 5% reward on monthly expenses.
    • About $120 annual fee.
    • 5 points per dollar at grocery stores, restaurants, bars, and food delivery.
    • Two points on gas, taxis, and public transports.
    • 1 point on others.

Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite

  • About $99 annual fee.
    • 2% cashback on drug stores and bills.
    • 1% cashback on others.

MBNA True Line Gold MasterCard

  • About $39 annual fee.
    • 8.99% credit card charges.
    • 0% rate on balance transfer.

Get a Debit Card

Most of the time, you may need to get cash from any ATM. In such cases, you need a debit card to pay your bills. You can use a debit card if you have money in your bank to pay your expenses.

Get a Canadian Health Card

In Canada, you’ll need private health insurance coverage for your first three months after arriving. It lasts up to 1 year. Then you can apply for your OHIP coverage.

You will need to contact the nearest province’s service center to register on a Health Insurance Coverage Form. Provide the necessary documents as asked by the officers. Once you applied and got approved for your OHIP coverage, you’ll have to wait for about three months before it starts.

Get a Gas Point Card

When you own a vehicle in Canada, a gas point card can help you earn points while you fill-up the car’s tank. Here are two best gas point cards;

Shell Air Miles Card

  • 1-air mile for 15-liter of gas
    • 1-air mile for $10 purchase at stores
    • 10-air mile for $225 of monthly purchase
    • 25-air mile for $500 monthly purchase

Petro Points Card

  • 5-points/liter of gas
    • 7-points/liter of mid-grade fuel
    • 10-points/liter of high-octane gasoline
    • 20-points per dollar spent

So, that’s all you need in your wallet as a new immigrant in Canada. Best of luck with your new life in Canada.

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