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Where Can I Find my Permanent Code in Canada?

March 15, 2020BY Immigrationincanada

Before I tell you anything about where can I find my permanent code, you must know what it is first.

A permanent code is a unique set of a number given to the students by the ministry of education (MEQ). It is one kind of student identification number. You will get it when admitting to a college. The code is made with some numbers and alphabets. The college or university will provide you with this code.

This code has-

  • Your last name’s first three letter
  • First initial
  • Date of birth
  • In case you are a female, your birth month+50
  • Your birth year’s final two number
  • Two particular numbers provided by the ministry

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How to Find my Permanent Code Quebec

Mainly this permanent code preserves the legal status of the students of any educational institution of Quebec. It doesn’t matter if you are a resident of other provinces. Also, you will have to pay a lot more money if you do not have a permanent code.

Where Can I Find my Permanent Code in Canada?

 This permanent code is given to the students of Quebec province. So, if you were a student of any institution in that province, you already have a permanent code. But if you are a student or someplace else, you will have to apply to get a permanent code.

How to Apply for a Permanent Code?

To apply for a permanent code, you need to provide your educational institution with the following documents,

  • Your Canadian citizenship certificate
  • Permanent residency certificate
  • Study permits
  • The declaration of name changing (if any)
  • The certificate of adoption

These documents should mention the following information about you:

  • Your legal name (both first name and any other legal names)
  • Your sex
  • The date of birth
  • The place of birth (including city and country)
  • Your parent’s names (if applicable)

If you do not have the necessary papers or documents for a permanent resident, you need to submit other documents that support the information mentioned above.

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Where Can You See The Permanent Code?

One can usually find the permanent codes on documents as,

  • Transcripts that are issued by MEQ
  • Diploma certificates that are published by MEQ
  • Any documents that are issued by MEQ

What Happens If I Lost My Permanent Code?

If you have a permanent code but you have lost it, or you can’t remember its contact with the ministry of education. They will ask you to provide some information such as,

  • Your name (both first and last)
  • Sex
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Parents names (both first and last)


Also, you need to provide a document of your birth certificate or immigration documents if you were born outside Canada.

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