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Why Canadian Citizen Returning Canada after a Long Absence?

June 3, 2020BY Immigrationincanada

It’s always great to return home after a long time. However, when you are returning home after a long absence, several factors work there.

Canada, as one of the most developed countries in the world, always welcomes its citizens to return. Nevertheless, besides this patriotic call, there are several reasons why Canadian citizens are returning to Canada after a long absence.

Why does the Canadian citizen move back to Canada?

It may sound strange. However, if you are an expatriate, it is not always easy to get back to your home in Canada. You enjoy a lot of diversity while staying out of the maple leaf country.

You always get the chance to meet with some fantastic people and their culture while out of Canada. Besides, being out of your comfort zone makes you more confident and adventurous. One of the most exciting things about the expatriate is they are always the conversation starters.

However, people still come back to Canada for several reasons

  • Termination of overseas job contract
  • Want to go back to the “Canadian’ lifestyle
  • Family issues like taking care of children or elderly parents
  • Lack of quality health care system abroad
  • Emotional issues like divorce or breakup
  • Want to raise children in Canadian society

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Who moves back to Canada after a long absence?

You already know the significant reasons behind Canadian citizens returning to Canada. However, not everyone will return after a long absence to Canada just because of those reasons.

There are groups of people with a specific profile who will do it.

Return for Family

They are the biggest groups of non-resident Canadians that are returning to family members. Typically, they want a better education for their children and better health care for themselves. You will see the biggest rush of these people from the areas with political unrest.

However, in 2018 and 2019, a large number of Canadian families have moved in from the US. They didn’t do it to enrich their travel journal. The return ensures better health and educational services from the Government of Canada.

Families with young children are more prone to return than families with teenagers. The latter group finds it difficult to cope in a new environment with teenage children.

Return for Career

This is another group of Canadian citizens returning home after a long absence. The triggering factor behind this migration is both timing and opportunity. If a promising executive receives an offer from home, the whole family will move for sure.

In the case of a young professional, the move is inevitable. They will have ample time to settle down in the new environment and cope with the work culture.

Initially, moving is all about excitement. In the later stage, comes the shock of coping. However, as an educated person, the second stage does not persist. The last phase is all about settling down.

Stability Seekers

This group is small but very stable. They are very well-organized about their life and career. They know why and where to move to Canada. While they are abroad, they compare the lifestyle of foreign nationals and make decisions based on that.

While they lived in Canada, they made a plan to move away for a specific reason. In the same way, they will return to their residence in Canada with a clear-cut plan.

Entering Canada after a long absence is a happy event for them. Thus, if you want to make your return fruitful, have a plan before the move.

Chance Takers

For this group of people, Canada is a “Safe Haven” to escape from the turmoil of life. They mostly see security from recent professional or personal disasters. You will find them seeking refuge to heal themselves from divorce, breakup, loss of a job, or death of a spouse.

These people typically return to the remaining family in Canada. It helps them to rest and rebuilds them for a new journey.

Rather than returning home or “Canada,” moving from one phase to another is the most critical factor behind their decision. It is evident that Canada is a great place to retreat and rebuild your life and personality.

Hoping for Healthy Life

This group always looks for the opportunity of returning to Canada. For them, a country is an ideal place for both personal and professional development. They spend hours planning for the move, and wherever they take the decision, it is a happy time for them.

The decision is backed up by meticulous planning, listening to intuition, and analyzing the future. Thus, no matter which part of Canada they move to, they always lead a happy life.

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What you can carry when returning to Canada after a long absence?

Now you are all set to return to your home in Canada. You will bring some gifts for the family over there. Before you pack or wander around the duty-free shop, go over the next few paragraphs.

It will help you to pack your bags without opening in front of the customs officers in any port of entry.

Alcoholic Beverages

You can carry two 750-ml wine bottles while returning to Canada after spending part of a calendar year abroad.

Moreover, you can also carry one large size standard liquor bottle or a case of 355-ml beer cans. Make sure the box has only 24 cans in it


Carrying tobacco to Canada is not an issue as long as you are 18 years and over and follow the quantity.

You can carry 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars, 200-grams of tobacco powder, and 200 sticks of tobacco. Keep in mind that these are within your personal exemption for tax and duty purposes.


There is no restriction on carrying cash out or in Canada. Thus, you can carry any amount with you. However, you have to declare to the Canadian Border Services Agency if you carry more than CAN $ 10,000 or its equivalent in foreign currency.

The rule applied to both incoming and outgoing journeys.


If you are interested in returning your precious jewelry, get an appraisal report from a recognized Canadian gemologist. This report will work as proof of the pride and ownership of the jewelry when you are returning to Canada after a long absence.


If you are planning to return home to Canada after a long absence, make sure to consider all the aspects of the upcoming life. However, if you need any professional guidance, immigrationcanada.ca is always there by your side.

We are experienced in immigration issues and proudly serving people globally. We aim to make the immigration process as easy as water.

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