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Work Permit Extension in Canada

March 18, 2020BY Faisal Mustafa

It is possible to obtain an extension of your work permit if you do it before it expires and you had fulfilled all the conditions required when you entered the country. This document is requested within Canada, and the requirements vary depending on the type of permit and your situation.

Although the visa officer has the discretion to accept or reject the application, he must act impartially. The Visa officer is required to renew the permit if he concludes that the holder continues to meet all the requirements of a temporary worker.

In this article, we explain the criteria that are taken into account to approve it and the risks of not doing so.

When should a work permit extension need?

You must extend or renew your permit if you want to,

  • Work beyond the expiration date indicated on your current work permit;
  • Work for one employer after you worked for another employer in Canada ;
  • Someone has offered you working conditions that differ from those on your current license: new tasks or responsibilities, change in the salary, another place of work, etc.

In other words, your work permit cannot continue, or you cant start to work until you have received a work permit associated with the new working conditions.

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Three essential things to know to renew a work permit on the time

  • you must apply at least 30 days before the expiration date of your current license.
  • You cannot extend your work permit beyond the expiration date of your passport.
  • The online processing time usually is 98 days.

Factors in approving a work permit extension

The primary consideration is whether you are still “temporary” and intends to return home after the expiration of the work permit or the termination of an extension of the same.

The visa officer will also consider whether you became inadmissible based on criminal or medical factors.

If you have a work permit confirmed by ESDC, the official will require a new confirmation for the job in which you wish to continue through an extension.

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In summary, to approve or deny an application, the following factors are considered,

  • Time the applicant has been in Canada
  • Duration of the requested extension
  • Reasons to request it
  • Any evidence of a breach of the conditions required
  • Proof that the applicant has sufficient financial means

If the extension request is not approved, you have only one recourse: to request a review to the Federal Court of Canada.

Risks of not requesting the extension of the work permit

If the expansion of a work permit that is about to expire is not asked, you run the risk of being considered inadmissible in Canada.

However, the temporary resident status can be restored by submitting the extension request within 90 days of the expiration of the permit. During that period, staying in the country carries the danger of being deported. Therefore, we recommend, if this is your case, start processing the extension before the permit expires.

Once you enter the application before the permit in question has expired, you are authorized by the government to continue working while processing the process.                                                                                                

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