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Surrey Temporary Residence Lawyers

Surrey has been a popular destination for people around the world for its immigrant-friendly culture. People across the globe come here for education, work, and even for traveling.

As a result, Surrey is now culturally enriched and diversified. To ensure Surrey remains like that, there are plenty of temporary residence lawyers in Surrey in Canada. They are there to make your temporary residence in Surrey in Canada smoother.

What is a Temporary Resident Visa?

In Canada, citizens of certain countries need a temporary resident visa (TRV) to enter. Before someone gets this Visa, s/he goes through rigorous examination.

That is because immigration officers will provide someone with this Visa if he is sure that the person has no intention to reside permanently.

To be precise, the officer will ensure that the candidate will not stay in Canada after the temporary residence period is over. Proving this is often a tricky job.

That is because the immigration officer will try to develop scenarios under which someone may not leave.

Do not worry! Our lawyers will assist you with how you can prove yourself eligible for a temporary resident visa in Canada.

Work Permits Visa

Applying for a work permit is also a common scenario. One can apply for this permit instead of a temporary residence visa in Canada if he has an offered job.

However, the job needs an optimistic backup from Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), saying that Canada doesn’t have a more qualified citizen of its own. That’s difficult, isn’t it? And often, people lose a lot of time in this process.

But, as we know, that every problem has a solution; this is not any different.

Our trustworthy immigration lawyers will see to it that you are getting the life that you deserve. After all, people migrate from their land with the hope of a better life.

Study Permits Visa

Applying for study permits is a common scenario these days. Especially Canada is a popular choice for students across the world for pursuing higher studies. Studying in a country like Canada opens a person’s career perspective and makes a person culturally enriched.

The first step of applying for a study permit is getting accepted into a university. After that, a person needs to prove that s/he is financially capable of paying for the degree. After that, when someone can show a clean record on paper, it is not difficult to get a student permit.

Getting a work permit or a study permit makes permanent residences easier in Surrey in Canada. Although you are in for temporary or permanent residence in Canada, our law firm is in it with you.

Visitor Visa

These visas are very basic. You need it for visiting Surrey as a visitor. All you need is to fill up the online form.

If you have a clean record and no enticement with criminal activities, you will get a visitor visa quickly. Although if you face any problems while applying for your visit visa, we are happy to help.

Another thing one should keep in mind is to keep his stay clean. Otherwise, if he applies again in the future, he will not get a Visa. Thus, everyone should try to keep a clean record during their stay in Canada.

Eligibility Criteria for Temporary Resident Visas

Anyone can travel to Surrey in Canada with a temporary resident visa unless the person has a criminal record. However, the candidate needs to fulfill few steps to get the Visa.  At first, you will have to gather your documents make sure the documents are in English or French.

Otherwise, Canada will not accept. Then, complete the necessary application meticulously. A slight mistake can make your journey troublesome without any reason. Finally, pay the required fees and submit your application.

If everything is done right, there is no reason that one will not get a temporary visa.

How We Can Help You

Whether you are planning for a temporary or permanent stay, our law firm will assist you through your process. We will help you find a great job, pursue your dream education, make your stay comfortable.

We realize that you have left your country to get a better life, and we are here to help you with your goal. In addition, our team has a specialty in various matters regarding visas and immigration. Therefore, you can trust us with your case.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Everyone who Plan to Visit Canada Require a Visa?

That depends on the visitor is from which country. If the visitor is from a visa-exempt country, then he will not need a visa. However, visitors from every other country will need one.

Do I Need a Study Visa If I Plan to Study in Canada?

If you are planning to study in Canada, you will need one Student visa or study permit. Although if your course is of six months or less that you don’t need it.

How Do I Qualify for a Work Permit to Work in Canada?

You will need a valid passport, your educational certificates, past working experiences and their record, and recent photographs. That is all you need.

Why Seeking Legal Help to Immigrate is Important?

During immigration, one can face various issues with Visa, permit, citizenship, and so on. Besides, many immigrants do not get jobs because they are outsiders. In such situations, you may need legal help.

What is the Difference Between a Visa and a Permit?

A visa shows an individual’s immigration status while living outside the visa-providing country. A permit does the same job while the individual is residing in that country.

What is the Difference Between a Single-entry Visa, a Multiple-entry Visa, and a Transit Visa?

  • Single-entry Visa: This allows you to travel to the country only once, even if the Visa is not expired.
  • Multiple-entry Visa: This allows you to travel to the country as many times as you want while the Visa is not expired.
  • Transit visa: This allows you to travel to one country while taking a break in another country.

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    Frequently Asked Question

    To get permanent residency, you have to live for at least three years in Canada. You also need some other documents to apply for Citizenship.

    In generally takes six months to get the citizenship after taking the Citizenship Test and Interview.

    People aged between 18 to 54 have to take the citizenship test and Interview.

    Oath taking ceremony generally takes 45 to 60 mins to complete. However, the time may vary upon the number of applicants and citizens.

    Yes, any Citizen who is a Canadain Citizen can renounce his citizenship status if he wants. He may apply for renouncing the citizenship under certain conditions.

    The answer is yes. You can again apply to resume your Citizenship status though you have renounced it once.

    The total fees for applying for Citizenship in Canada is CAN $ 630. Among the prices, $530 is for processing fee, and $100 is for the right of  Citizenship fee. But for minors aged under 18, the processing fee is $100.