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Are you thinking of getting a work permit as a foreign worker in Surrey, Canada? There is a vast chance for people around the world to get work opportunities in Surrey. However, people think of many different categories when they decide to move to a new country.

If you are indecisive, we are here to help. We can help if you need guidance employing foreign workers lawyers in Surrey. We help immigrants to resolve the problems to move to Surrey in one try.

Requirements to apply for a special type of work permit

There are many cases where people need to have a work permit. However, it is not certain whether everyone needs a work permit. If you need help with employing foreign workers, our lawyers can help you get the work permits.

There are two types of work permits:

Openwork permits

The open work permit helps people to work for any employer. However, they are ineligible to work for companies who:

  • does not meet the employment responsibilities
  • offers erotic dance, massages, services, or striptease

Employer specific work permits

Employer-specific work permits help people to work based on rules and regulations of work permits. The rules and regulations are:

  • name of company
  • duration to work for the company
  • the location of the company

Hire Foreign Workers

Requirements to Hire Foreign Workers Residing Outside of Canada

There are many ways through which companies hire foreign workers who are residing outside of Canada. The employment service can be full-time or temporary. In addition, there are many programs available for immigrants. It is impossible to research all the available programs, so our legal advisors can always help you get the best.

Temporary Workers

The temporary workers’ program is for foreign temporary workers. In such programs, employers can hire immigrants to work for a certain period. Employers can always hire people who live inside as well as outside Canada.

International Students

International students are for people who are students or a graduate. The students can quickly get work permits off-campus or post-graduation. Employers can hire them as part-time jobs.

Permanent Workers

Permanent workers are for people who can work in Canada permanently. Employers can hire permanent workers who usually stay in Canada through different programs.

Some programs are Federal Skilled Workers Program, Provincial Nominees, Canadian Experience Class.

Hiring Criteria for Foreign Workers Already in Canada

It is possible to hire foreign workers who are living in Canada. Employers can employ foreigners who have obtained employment or have a contract that will expire in a few days. the foreign worker should have the eligibilities as follows:

  • Lives in Canada
  • Works for an employer
  • Has an open work permit
  • The existing contract is about to end.

How to Process Canadian Foreign Worker Applications?

There are many Canadian Foreign Workers who face difficulties while processing applications. In such cases, it is a great decision to take the help of experienced lawyers. The two main aspects while processing applications.

Firstly, the period of applications to process varies. It depends on where or how applications are given. Secondly, the employer has to process the application. Therefore, employers will apply to LMO in HRSDC.

What is Labor Market Opinion (LMO)

LMO is for Employers of Canada through which they can hire foreign workers by maintaining the exceptions. Labor Market Opinion can be achieved with two main aspects: a specific worker/ position or pre-approval of different job positions.

Necessary Steps to Hire a Temporary Foreign Worker in Canada

It is possible to bring temporary foreign workers to Canada. There are four main steps to maintain this process.

Step one: Determine to have LMO

It is not necessary everyone needs LMO. In most cases, employers hire immigration lawyers to do the task. They can quickly complete the documentation.

Step two: Apply for LMO

The next step is to apply for LMO if needed. After Service Canada approves the LMO, the employer needs to send the documents to the worker. While applying for a work permit, they must attach an LMO confirmation letter, written job offers, and a signed contract.

Step three: Complete the application for the work permit

After applying for LMO, foreign workers need to complete the application for a work permit. When an employer hires an immigration lawyer, they leave the work to them to be hassle-free.

Step four: Issuing work permit

Finally, the Canada Border Services Agency will issue a work permit if a person is skilled enough. As a result, the foreign worker will be ready to work in Canada.

International Mobility Program: No LMIA Required

The International Mobility Program does not require LMIA. However, the work permits can be open as well as closed. Most workers who can work for IMP are part of trade treaties, people with available work permits, or people as intra-company transferees. The Employer Portal receives all the applications.

There are two ways to sign in to the Employer Portal: GCKey User ID and Sign-in Partner. For IMP, the compliance fee is about $230 for workers. The price includes business, hiring fee, job details, wages, and benefits.

Trade and Reciprocal Employment Agreements

Trade and Reciprocal employment agreements are free from compliance fees. Once a worker applies to the Employer Portal, the employment number is given to workers. Later, the worker can use the number in the work permit application.

Non-trade international agreements include the Fulbright Program, Canada working for US government personnel, Roosevelt Campobello International Park. In addition, Reciprocal employment agreements have cultural agreements and china- Canada cultural exchange.

Employer Responsibilities Continue after Hiring

After an employer hires a foreign worker, it is not where all their work ends. Some extra responsibilities include:

  • Knowing the expiry date of work permits
  • Meeting the requirement of work permits
  • Knowing details of employment offer
  • Helping workers with medical insurance
  • Assisting workers to get compensation benefits
  • Meeting all the recruiting laws
  • Ensuring the workplace to be free of abuse
  • Be ready for inspections
  • Be prepared to provide employment information when needed.

Temporary Foreign Worker Program

The temporary foreign worker program is a program where employers can hire temporary foreign workers through LMIA. They can apply through two ways of TFWP: low and high wage streams. When workers get wage over the hourly wage, they will be under a high wage stream. Nevertheless, when workers receive a wage below the hourly wage, they will be under a low wage stream.

Common problems faced by employers when they hire foreign workers

According to people, it is very easy to hire foreign workers. However, the truth is with the benefits, and employers face a lot of problems.

Some of them are:

  • Lacking communication while recruiting
  • Restrictions in employment verification
  • Compliance requirements
  • Restrictions in Visa
  • Workers are taking time to settle down.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions may arise while inquiring about the article. Some have their answers below.

Can I become a permanent resident?

It is possible to become a permanent resident. For the PR card, a person needs to be physically present in Canada, eligible for residency requirements, or be a permanent resident of Canada.

Why do employers or companies hire foreign workers?

There are many benefits for employers or companies to hire foreign workers. The main advantage is foreign workers has different perspectives. For a company to reach new profits, it is essential to have creativity and innovation.

Employing Foreign Workers Lawyers in Surrey

In Surrey, it is necessary to hire lawyers while employing foreign workers. Our lawyers have records of being successful in helping people to migrate. We can assure you that you have a work permit to enter Canada. With professional help, you will get the best options available for you if you are willing to contact us at [email protected] or call us at (604) 394-2777.


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