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Canada is a land full of beauty. It is enriched with its culture as well as history. It is one of the most visited countries in the world. Every year millions of visitors visit Canada to know about its culture and history.

Moreover, Canada has many historical and ancient places to visit. It has hill tracks, seas, rivers, mountains, forests, etc. In addition to this, Canada inherited some top-class Universities of the World. That’s why Canada is on the top chart of visitor’s choice.

Canada is one of the reliable countries in the world that offer quality education service. It has world-class university and educational institutes. It provides thousands of scholarship for foreigners as well as their country.

Canada has two official languages, French and English. To become a Citizen, you must have proper knowledge about at least one language from the two. Moreover, Canada has many other unofficial languages spoke all over the country.

In addition to this, Canada has a thousand years of history from the very beginning of its origin. It has many ethnic groups who live in Canada and receive all the facilities form the government. People from different ethnic group enriched Canadian Culture to a great extent.

history of canada

Canada is also known as one of the country of immigrants because every year, it allow a vast number of people to visit Canada. After 1970, most of the migrants have come from Asian regions. However, all those migrants make the culture more vibrant.

Ethenic Group

Canada has people from different religions like Christian, Muslim, Hindus, Buddhist, etc. and all of them find the same facilities. People from different cultures, religions, genders get equal privileges and laws.

religions canada

The transportation system is very much enriched in Canada. It has many international airports. Fast and modern railway service. In addition to this, the road services like buses, cars and other rental services are also quality standard.

As a Canadian Citizen, every Canadian feel proud of all these factors. Having a Canadian Citizen means you have a new world to discover a new world. All the people made Canada live heaven in the world.

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