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Here is the full process of adoption from abroad depicting in steps.

Step 1: Elaboration of adoption project:

 Collecting information on intercountry adoption.

Step 2: Signature of the contract with the approved organization:

 Signature of the agreement between the adopter and the supported organization. Mandatory to continue the proceedings.

Step 3: Opening the adoption file at the adoption Council of Canada: 

The organization has a form to fill, which issues an official letter. This letter is necessary to continue the steps. 

Step 4: Psychosocial assessment: 

The psychosocial evaluation determines the candidate’s ability to meet the physical, psychological, and social needs of a child born outside the country.

Step 5: Establishment of the adoption file: 

The adopter adopts his adoption file with the help of the approved organization. Once collected, the documents are sent to the representative office of the country of adoption for certification.

Step 6: Transmission of the adoption file to the authorities of the country of adoption: 

The organization ensures that the data is complete and compliant and transmits it to the bodies of the country. The organization follows up and makes sure that the procedure runs smoothly.

Step 7: Beginning the citizenship or immigration process: 

Selecting the citizenship or immigration process, depending on whether the adoption is made abroad or after arrival in Canada.

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Step 8: Waiting period: 

The waiting period before a child’s proposal depends on several factors. These include the number of cases filed in the country, the profile of the child recommended in the psychosocial assessment, and the events that may occur (delay, obstruct, or terminate an adoption project). 

Any change in the adopter’s situation (pregnancy, job loss, separation, divorce, death, new cohabitation, illness, or other) must be reported to the organization. Depending on the importance and impact on the adoption project, an update of the psychosocial assessment may be required.

Step 9: Proposal for a child: 

The proposal is given to the adopter with information about the child. The adopter has a deadline to accept or reject the proposal.

Step 10: Letter of no objection: 

The organization verifies the documents and issues a letter of no complaint. 

Step 11: Administrative and judicial procedures in the country of origin of the child: 

The process differs according to the state of origin. 

Step 12: Arrival of the child in Canada: 

The organization sends the SAI this information concerning the arrival of the child in Canada. Within 14 days of arrival in Canada, the adopter may contact his CLSC to receive a visit from a health professional. This visit aims to establish the first contact with the child and to provide appropriate advice and care.

Step 13: Administrative and judicial procedures in Canada: 

Adoption procedures must continue in Canada so that adoption is recognized. These approaches vary according to the type of adoption decision made by the country of origin.

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Step 14: Drafting and transmission of progress report in the country of origin: 

The adopter undertakes to transmit to the foreign authorities reports on the evolution of the child. The details of the stories vary from one state to another.

Step 15: Finalizing adoption procedures: Adoption procedures are finalized when:

the notification to the Registrar of Civil Status has been made, or the adoption judgment has been obtained;

  • the Registrar of Civil Status produced the birth certificate; 
  • the child has been granted Canadian citizenship status; if necessary, other administrative procedures after the adoption were made to the authorities of the country of origin.

Processing time and cost: The adoption from abroad is a lengthy process. It can take from 18 months to several years. And the price is relatively higher too; up to 50,000$.

Restricted countries:

Some countries are suspended from adoption: Nepal, Cambodia, Liberia, Guatemala.

These are the countries which are restricted from adopting: Argentina, Benin, Democratic Republic of Congo, Grenada, Tajikistan, Bhutan, Ethiopia, Laos, Iraq, Comoros, Senegal, Mozambique, Cabo Verde, Russia, Ghana, Paraguay, Kuwait, Tanzania, Myanmar, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Maldives, Kenya, Pakistan.

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