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The Atlantic Immigration Pilot program helps the employer in Atlantic Canada to hire foreign nationals who want to immigrate to Atlantic Canada. Also, international graduates can apply to this program to stay in Atlantic Canada after they graduate. The whole process is slightly different for employers in Atlantic Canada and international graduates. 

What you need to know about Atlantic Immigration Pilot

Hire and Immigrate Through the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

This employer-driven program helps the employer to hire a candidate from overseas or a temporary resident. It includes three programs with different criteria, including;

  • Atlantic International Graduate Program
  • Atlantic High-Skilled Program
  • Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program

Each program works in the following steps;

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Step 1: Get Designated

At first, the employer must be designated by the provincial government of the Atlantic province. This is where your employees will be working. To be designated, your organization must;

  • Be an actively operating in any Atlantic region for the last two years.
  • Be in good standing.
  • Work with a settlement service provider for your candidate’s settlement services. 

You will have to apply to the province to become designated. After being designated, you can offer jobs under the Atlantic Immigration Pilot program. 

Step 2: Find a Candidate

Once you are designated, you can offer jobs to find a candidate on your own. Or else, the candidate can approach you for jobs. 

Step 3: Meet the Pilot Requirements (For Foreign Workers and International Graduates)

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The recent graduate from publicly funded institutions of Atlantic Canada can also apply to this program. At this point, foreign workers or international graduates will have to be eligible in any one Atlantic program. The requirements are available in the IRCC website. Check-in which program you suit. 

  • As an employee, you must receive from any designated employer in Atlantic Canada. 
  • Then get your documents ready for permanent residence. It includes language test results, education credential assessment reports, proof of funds, and other documents.
  • Get a settlement plan and certificate of endorsement
  • Then submit your application for PR

Step 3: Meet the Pilot Requirements (For Employers)

The employers must meet the requirements in any of the three programs for hiring candidates. 

Step 4: Make a Job Offer

When the employer has a candidate with a job, then the employer can offer a job using a form. Fill out the form and send a copy to the candidate. The candidate needs a copy for making a settlement form. 

Step 5: Submit an Endorsement Application

The province handles this step. Here the province endorses your job offer so that the candidate can apply for permanent residence.

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