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The provincial nominee program allows skilled and experienced people to settle in Canada’s particular province and territories. Those provinces and territories nominate people who wish to immigrate to Canada. 

All about Provincial nominees program and Process

How Provincial Nominee Program Works?

Provincial nominee program nominate people who;

  • Have skills, education qualifications, and work experience to contribute to specific provinces of Canada.
  • Plan to live in that province.
  • Want to be a permanent resident of Canada.

Plenty of province and territory participate in the PNP program along with their own stream and requirements. These provinces may target students, business people, skilled workers, and semi-skilled workers. 

Currently Participated Province or Territory

The following provinces or territories are participating in the PNP program presently;

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • New Brunswick
  • Northwest Territories
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Nova Scotia
  • Ontario
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Saskatchewan
  • Yukon

How to Apply?

Well, it depends on the provincial nominee program stream in which you are applying. This process can either be online through Express entry or paper-based.

Quebec-Selected-Skilled-Workers Immigration In Canada

Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers

The Government of Canada is allowing highly educated and trained foreign nationals to immigrate to Canada and live in Quebec.

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Paper-Based Process

The whole process includes two stages;

  • At first, you need to find out any specific province or territory to live in Canada. Check the eligibility criteria and then apply to the province for a nomination. 
  • In the second stage, when that province nominates you, you can apply for permanent residence. 

Then the process will take place in the following way;

Step 1: Fill Out Application

Once you are nominated for a province, you are allowed to fill out the application form. There is an application package provided in the IRCC website. Fill out the form accordingly.

Step 2: Pay Application Fees

After filling your form, you may need to pay;

  • Processing fees for you and the person in your application
  • The Right of Permanent Residence Fee
  • Biometrics fee
  • Third-party fees

Third-party fees include fees for;

  • Medical exams
  • Police certificates
  • English language testing
  • Educational credential assessment
Atlantic-Immigration-Pilot Immigration In Canada

Atlantic Immigration Pilot

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot program helps the employer in Atlantic Canada to hire foreign nationals who want to immigrate to Atlantic Canada.

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Step 3: Submit Application

Finally, check whether you answer all questions, including fees, sign all forms, and include other supporting documents. Remember, they will reject incomplete applications.

Online Through Express Entry Process

You can apply in two ways, either;

  • Contact the province to apply for a nomination under an Express Entry Stream.
  • When the province nominates you, create your express entry profile to show your nomination. 


  • Create your express entry profile first to show any particular province that you are interested in.
  • When the province sends you a “Notification of interest,” contact them directly. 

No matter how you apply, you must be eligible for that province. Also, submit your express entry profile with minimum criteria. Once you are invited to apply, submit your electronic application to IRCC.

Caregivers Immigration In Canada


Do you want to immigrate to Canada as a caregiver? Well, the government of Canada permits caregivers to become a permanent resident or work temporarily.

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