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The Government of Canada is allowing highly educated and trained foreign nationals to immigrate to Canada and live in Quebec. Quebec has its own rules for choosing immigrants. They evaluate the application according to a selection grid of factors and applicants scores given by the province. 

In the following part we have discussed about Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers

Who Can Apply?

To apply as a Quebec-selected skilled worker, you must;

  • Have a Quebec Selection Certificate from the Government of Quebec.
  • Submit a permanent residence application.

How to Apply?

You must apply in two stages to immigrate to Canada as a Quebec skilled worker. 

Stage 1: Applying for Quebec Selection Certificate (Certificat de Sélection du Québec [CSQ])

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The Government of Quebec will check nine selection factors before providing a Quebec Selection Certificate. Also, you’ll get points in each criterion, including;

  • Training (Maximum 26 points)
  • Work Experience (Maximum 8 points)
  • Age (Maximum 16 points)
  • Language Proficiency (Maximum 22 points)
  • Quebec Connection (Maximum 8 points)
  • Characteristics of Spouse (Maximum 17 points)
  • Validated Job Offer (Maximum 10 points)
  • Accompanying Children (Maximum 8 points)
  • Financial Self Sufficiency (Maximum 1 points)

Stage 2: Once the province gives you a CSQ, you can apply to immigrate to IRCC for permanent residence.

After the Government of Canada has chosen you, apply for permanent residence in the following way;

Step 1: Get the Application Package

There is a complete application package in the IRCC website. It includes a document checklist, application form, and additional information. You will have to collect the package. Then;

  • Get your documents ready
  • Fill out the forms carefully and truthfully
  • Print and sign the forms
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Do you want to immigrate to Canada as a caregiver? Well, the government of Canada permits caregivers to become a permanent resident or work temporarily.

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Step 2: Pay Your Fees

Later pay the processing fees for you and anyone that you have included in the application. Also, you’ll have to pay the Right of Permanent Residence Fee, biometrics, and third-party fees. Third-party fees cover the cost for;

  • Police Certificate
  • Medical Exams
  • Educational Credential Assessment

Step 3: Submit Your Application

Lastly, check all the details and make sure nothing is missing. If all is ok, then submit your application.

In between your application processing, you will ask for fingerprints, photos, medical exam reports, and police certificates.

Processing Time

The processing for the Quebec-selected skilled worker’s program will take about 17 months. 

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