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Sometimes you may need to transit through Canada while visiting another country. So, what documents do you need to transit through Canada? 

Well, it depends on several things. Like;

  • How long will it takes when you transit through Canada?
  • How will you travel through Canada, by air or bus or train or boat or a cruise ship?
  • Your nationality.
  • Whether you are a valid USA holder; or a  permanent resident of the United States?

Here we have discussed how to transit through Canada

What type of visa do you need to transit through Canada? 

  • If you are from a visa-required country and you are planning to 
    • Visit Canada to stay for less than 48 hours or 
    • Visit Canada to stay more than 48 hours while transiting or
    • Cross the border by bus or car or train or cruise ship
Visit-Canada-on-business Immigration In Canada

Visit Canada on business

If you need to visit Canada for business, you’ll either need a visitor visa or an eTA. You’ll be called as a business visitor.

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Then you’ll need a visitor visa.

  • If you are from a visa-required country and you;
    • Will stop at any Canadian airport on your way to another state or
    • Will connect between two international flights at a Canadian airport or
    • Will transit through Canada in 48 hours or less or 
    • Don’t have a valid visitor visa.

Then you’ll need a transit visa.

  • The person from an eTA-required country who is transiting through Canada by air, need an eTA. Elsewise, if you enter Canada by road or waterway, then you don’t need an eTA.

When Can You Transit Without A Visa?

  • The lawful resident of the U.S. or U.S. citizen who is traveling by road or waterway, only need to bring the right travel documents.
  • The passport holder from China, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, or Taiwan, can transit through Canada without a visa.
Get-Border-Information-for-Visitors Immigration In Canada

Get Border Information for Visitors

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