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As a Canadian, you can explore far more than others. You need to do your research before you leave to make sure you get a visa before arriving in the country or sometimes at the airport itself. In any case, here are some reminders:

How can you prepare yourself before travelling abroad

To check before the trip

Regardless of the destination you choose, remember that your passport is a must. As a rule, it needs to be valid for another six months and has at least one or two blank pages to be stamped. 

Several countries may also ask you for proof of exit from the state, either a ticket for a connecting flight or a return ticket. In some cases, you may require that you show that you have enough money for your stay. 

Do not forget before leaving the country

After exploring a country and experiencing a thousand and one adventures, you must prepare to leave this destination. Some states require an airport tax or departure. Sometimes, this famous tax is already included in your ticket. 

In other cases, it is advisable to keep a few dollars on you to pay this tax. When traveling, we are never too considerate.

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Visit Canada

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What documents for children?

Now minors, regardless of their age, must also have an individual passport. However, if the child under fifteen years old is worn on your passport issued before June 12, 2006, this registration is valid until the end of the validity of the passport.

If it is an electronic passport, then children can no longer be registered on the parents’ passport and must have their passport. The ePassport is an individual title only.

Children traveling with a single parent or guardian

They should have their birth certificate and a letter of consent, preferably written in French or English, signed by the parent who does not accompany them. The message of authorization should mention the contact information of the parent who does not attend. It is not necessary to have this letter certified.

Attach a copy of the family record book (if applicable) and the identity card or passport of the parent who does not accompany, including his or her signature.

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Immigrate to Canada

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If the parents are separated or divorced, and the parent accompanying the child has sole parental authority, provide a copy of the custody judgment. If one of the parents is dead, bring a copy of the death certificate. In the case of adoption or guardianship, bring a copy of the judgment.

Health and safety during travel

Govt of Canada has an abroad registration service. Contact them in any emergencies.

  • Vaccinate the whole family before going abroad.
  • Keep extra cash in hand
  • Keep the information of passport safe, in case the passport is lost
  • Take appropriate equipment with you such as sunscreen, mosquito repellent, etc

In any case, we recommend that you consult the Embassy website to plan your trip.

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Work in Canada

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