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If your study permit is about to expire but not your study program, you can extend your study permit. You should apply at least 30 days before your study permit expires. The expiry date is provided in the top right corner of your study permit. 

Your school must be on the Designated Learning Institution list to extend your study permit. If your school is not anymore in the DLI list, you can study until your current permit expires. Later, you’ll need to enroll in a school that is listed in DLI to extend your study permit.

Let’s know how to extent your study permit in Canada

The Application Process

In most cases, you will need to apply online to extend your study permit. Follow these steps to extend your study permit.

Step 1: Get Your Application Package

At first, get the application package that includes an instruction guide and the forms to fill out. Read the instructions carefully before you apply.

Get-a-visitor-visa-to-return-to-Canada Immigration In Canada

Get a visitor visa to return to Canada

Visitor visa is an official document that shows you are capable of entering Canada. You’ll need one if you are traveling to Canada for a while. Travelers can apply for a visitor visa on paper or online.

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Step 2: Gather Documents

You will find a document checklist that includes the supporting documents to submit with your application. Start to gather the documents and make sure to get electronic copies to apply online. 

Step 3: Fill Out the Applications and Pay the Fees

Fill out the form carefully and pay the necessary fees for extending your study permit. The fees may include only procession fees as you don’t need to provide biometrics. 

Step 4: Submit Your Application

Finally, watch out carefully all the information that you have provided. Now submit your application and wait for the decision. 

The processing time takes approximately 56 days. But depending on your application, it may take more or less.

Learn About Student Life in Canada Immigration In Canada

Learn About Student Life in Canada

By choosing Canada to pursue your studies, you have made one of the best decisions in life. Canada is one of the best destinations for study as Canadian degrees are recognized worldwide.

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Since you need to extend your study permit, make sure to remember the following terms. As an international student, if you;

  • Apply for extending your study permit; you can stay in Canada with the same conditions as your current study permit. 
  • Plan to travel outside Canada, and meanwhile, your permit expires, you must leave Canada. 

If your study permit has already expired, you may apply for restoring your status as a student. You will need to pay addition restoration fees in that case. Also, you must apply within 90 days of losing your status.

Information for Canadian Schools Immigration In Canada

Information for Canadian Schools

The Canadian government has been working with provinces, territories, and other stakeholders, to allow international students to study in Canada. As a part of it, your school can welcome

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