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Whether you are a Canadian citizen and a permanent resident or non-Canadian visitor, there are some specific rules for your trip across the border. You must know all the necessary information and tips provided by the Canada Border Service Agency.

Here you will get border information for visitors

Plan You across the Border

  • Check Current Border Wait Times

Whether you are returning home or crossing the border, you may have to wait at the border. CBSA provides the tools to avoid the border wait times at their 26 busiest land border crossing. This wait time’s table is updated hourly.

  • Use CanBoarder App

CanBorder App provides border wait time data, geolocation, and mapping services for making your border experience much better. Through the app, you can find ports of entry, use the trip planner for turn-by-turn directions.

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Find out if you need a visa

If you need to travel to Canada for a short period, you must need a valid visa or Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA).

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  • Get Border’s General and Contact Information

CSBA provides all information including CBSA programs, services, and initiatives. While planning a trip to the border, get their email, phone, mailing address, and other resources.

  • Reporting Requirements for Private Border

If you are an owner or operator of a private boat, you must report CBSA. How? You need to go Telephone Reporting Site-Marine and follow the instruction on location to contact the CBSA Telephone Reporting Centre. Then request for clearance to enter Canada.

  • Private Vessel Remote Clearance Pilot Project

The person who is entering with conveyances for business must report to designated Canada Border Services Agency office. CBSA has launched this project to simplify and advance the clearance process for non-commercial purposes.

  • CSBA Cruise Ship Clearance Procedure

It plans the CBSA procedure for clearing cruise ships that arrived in Canada. Their first port of arrival (FPOA) cleared the cruise ships, including crew and passengers.

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Apply for a visitor visa

You can apply both online and on paper. Among both, applying online is faster and accessible.

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Travel Tips

  • Check All The Necessary Documents

While entering Canada as a Canadian citizen or visitor, you need to carry proper identification documents. You’ll get the complete list of documents in CBSA’s official website.

  • Traveling with minors or Pets

Border service officer may ask for whether you are traveling with your minor children or pets. You need to show the legal documents to proof about your relation or legal custody.

Also, before entering with your pets, make sure to check Canadian import and travel requirements. These requirements are established by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

What to expect at the border?

If you are arriving in Canada with goods must respond to all the questions asked by the border service officer. You also have to report about your products. There you may have to pay duty and taxes if you are eligible for personal exemptions.

You can get an estimated amount of duty and taxes from CBSA’s duty and Taxes estimator. There are some limitations to alcohol and tobacco as well.

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Apply for an ETA

An Electronic Travel Authorization is an entry condition needed for a non-Canadian citizen to travel by air.

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