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Charlottetown is the largest city and the capital of Prince Edward Island. Prince Edward Island is called the “Garden Province” for its arable land and the dedication of its citizens for its gardens and orchards. Also, they refer to it as the “Gulf Garden,” “Weed Island,” “Million Acre Farm,” “Abegweit,” “Minegoo,” “PEI,” or “The Island.” 

It is an island surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, located on the eastern coast of Canada, between New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec, and Newfoundland, and Labrador, in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. It is one of the four Atlantic provinces of the country, the smallest and most green. 

It is connected to the continent by the thirteen kilometers long Confederation bridge, the longest of the continuous bridges of several sections of the world, and separates it from New Brunswick, the Strait of Northumberland. Its area covers 5,660 km2 in total (the thirteenth national position).

In addition to the capital Charlottetown, known as the “Cradle of the Canadian Confederation,” there are other primary cities: Stratford, Cornwall, and Summerside, as well as some secondary or towns: Montague, Kensington, Souris, Alberton, and Georgetown, among others. 

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About your passport Immigration In Canada

About your passport

Canada ranks seventh in the index of strength, as the passport makes it possible to visit 173 countries without a visa. Its cost of $ 160 for ten years, however, requires 15 hours of work at minimum wage, which explains this result.

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Some fascinating facts about Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

The popularity of Charlottetown makes it one of the most significant areas for immigrants. The number of immigrants is Almost 10% of the total population here. Most of the immigrants are Chinese. Then there are British and Americans. The people speak Dutch, French, English, Arabic, and mandarin.

Immigration in Charlottetown, PEI

Canada has a program called express entry for the ease of migration in PEI.

The primary eligibility criterion is to qualify under the requirements of the Federal Express Entry. Then the candidate has to send his intention to live in the province. If chosen, the candidate will receive a provincial nomination. It gives 600 points under the Express Entry s point system, and this almost guarantees to be invited to send the application for permanent residence. 

Traveling abroad Immigration In Canada

Traveling abroad

As a Canadian, you can explore far more than others. You need to do your research before you leave to make sure you get a visa before arriving in the country or sometimes at the airport itself. In any case, here are some reminders:

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We remind you that the Immigration  Entry Express system implemented on January 1, 2015. It is a filter to select the best eligible candidates under one of the federal Qualified Workers, Skilled Trades, and Canadian Experience programs. 

Having the support of a province or an employer is extremely important. The regions that, until now, have special programs adapted to the federal system are Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and PEI. 

The application fee is $ 300.

Get a Canadian passport Immigration In Canada

Get a passport

Getting a Passport is rather easy these days. Anyone of Canadian nationality can apply for a passport. Who to apply for a passport application:To apply for a passport, you can fill out the form online. However, you must then print it before ...

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