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An asylum seeker is the kind of person who has fled their home looking for security and formally applied for legal protection in another country. Since he or she can not acquire protection in their home country.

The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act necessitates that each individual hoping to enter Canada must show up for an appraisal at a port of area. IRPA decides if the person has a right to enter Canada or may authorize to come and stay in Canada.

Irregular border crossings and asylum in Canada-facts to keep in mind

Irregular crossings into Canada

Some people enter Canada irregularly between designated ports of entry. It can be risky and dangerous to violation of the law. For legal and lawful reasons, the government of Canada keeps on encouraging individuals to look for entry into Canada.

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Sponsor a refugee

The people who are unable to stay in their country for various reasons are called refugees. These refugee families, these children, these unaccompanied minors fled the war, their family, their homeland, in search of security and a better future.

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The person who is captured by the RCMP after crossing the border irregularly bought to the closest CBSA port of section. They can also take to the IRCC office, where an officer conducts the migrater. Now, people can undergo health needs as well as for security screenings. Foreign nationals who are not captured by law enforcement sometimes make their specific manner to the closest IRCC or CBSA office.


The process determined by the claimant’s eligibility. If the claim is eligible, it will refer to the refugee protection division of the IRB for a hearing. If not available, then it will issue a removal order. It will likewise discharge on conditions to report for a future discharge proceeding. Outside nationals who are required to leave Canada may offer a Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA) by CBSA. A PRRA assesses the risk the person would face if they returned to their home country.

Refugee claims by irregular border crossers

The refugee protection division (RPD) of the IRB hears and chooses an application for refugee protection in Canada. If RPD determines the claimants meets United nations meaning of Convention refugee or the claimants is a person in need of protection.

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Claim refugee protection from inside Canada

To make a refugee claim form inside Canada, one needs to go to the local Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada office that near for them. If someone need to claim refugee, they have to take their completed ...

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