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There are two things to do to sponsor any of your family members. The formal demand for family reunification comprises two steps:

  1. The permanent resident or Canadian citizen must file a sponsorship claim.
  2. The family member, meanwhile, must file a permanent residency claim.

All application forms must be filled out and submitted at the same time.

One important thing is that sponsorship application and permanent residence demand packages vary if the family member is inside or outside Canadian territory.

Why you need a family member sponsor in Canada

Documents needed:

You need to prepare some of the materials if you are sponsoring them. For the permanent resident or Canadian citizen:

  • Sponsorship Demand Form
  • Original copy of the document “Sponsorship Agreement.”
  • Original  copy of the report “Evaluation of sponsorship.”
  • Original of the paper “Resource for the services of a representative” (for those who decide to use the services of an immigration lawyer or firm.)
  • Original of the document “Sponsor Questionnaire.”
  • Permanent residence card or Canadian citizenship certificate
  • Canadian passport
  • Divorce or marriage annulment certificates, if applicable
Get proof of citizenship Immigration In Canada

Get proof of citizenship

The citizenship certificate is official proof of your Canadian citizenship. Canadians born in Canada or abroad to Canadian parents can apply to prove their Canadian citizenship. Remember: this is not a passport or a second ID card.

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For the family member:

  • Permanent Residence Demand Form
  • Original of the document “Background / Declaration”
  • Original of the document “Additional information about the family”
  • Original of the document “Resource for the services of a representative” (for those who decide to use the services of an immigration lawyer or firm.)
  • Identity and marital status documents
  • Valid passport
  • Testing the links with the sponsor
  • Original criminal record document
  • Medical exams tests
Adopt a child from abroad Immigration In Canada

Adopt a child from abroad

Here is the full process of adoption from abroad depicting in steps. Step 1: Elaboration of adoption project: Collecting information on intercountry adoption. Step 2: Signature of the contract with the approved organization:

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Sponsors additionally have to meet certain conditions to be approved, including:

  • have not been convicted of crimes of a sexual nature, violent or against a family member that has resulted in personal injury
  • cannot be found in welfare
  • cannot be in default with payments of an economic commitment with Immigration Canada or as a result of financial support to a family member ruled by the courts.

Processing time:

Procession time for sponsorship is different in different family members. When it comes to a spouse, partner, or dependent child, the processing takes 89 days (approx.). But for parents or grandparents, it can take up to 45 months.

Sponsor a refugee Immigration In Canada

Sponsor a refugee

The people who are unable to stay in their country for various reasons are called refugees. These refugee families, these children, these unaccompanied minors fled the war, their family, their homeland, in search of security ...

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