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Canada ranks seventh in the index of strength, as the passport makes it possible to visit 173 countries without a visa. Its cost of $ 160 for ten years, however, requires 15 hours of work at minimum wage, which explains this result. 

Necessary information about your passport which you should know

The Canadian passport is one of the prestigious passports

Since its launch in 2015, the new passport for Canadians has distinguished itself by its extravagance compared to the passports of all other countries. Why? At first glance, it looks rather classic in natural light. 

It’s a chameleon; it becomes an explosion of fluorescent colors if exposed to UV light. It is a big party of hidden illustrations such as fireworks, stars, a full moon, maple leaves, and many elements of Canadian history. It surprises! But above all, your passport allows you to travel and explore more than half the world for free! 


The biometric version or the e-passport has an electronic chip, as well as the imprints of its owner. This new version was born to avoid fraud and identity theft. 

Traveling abroad Immigration Appeal & Spousal Sponsorship Lawyer

Traveling abroad

As a Canadian, you can explore far more than others. You need to do your research before you leave to make sure you get a visa before arriving in the country or sometimes at the airport itself. In any case, here are some reminders:

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It is supposed to make your life easier and open up more borders more easily. That’s why you can go to the United States of America without having to make a visa as you did with the old model. It is valid for several other countries. 

Benefits of e-passport:

There are many benefits of the electronic passport and on several levels, both in the security environment and also in comfort, ease of use, and efficiency.  

  • Unlike barcode systems, it is not necessary to place the code in the laser sight to reveal the information.
  • Prevents identity fraud, fighting terrorism.
  • Create a central travel document management, a kind of online database where you can verify passport data. If necessary, the police and justice may also make use of this information.
  • The dual passport readers and electronic ID is a tool that allows you to maximize all the benefits of citizen identification technologies.
  • The use of the e-passport at airports makes access control an automatic identification process, and therefore faster. Also, it increases in passenger control.
  • The electronic passport incorporates RFID technology.
Immigration-matters-in-charlottetown Immigration Appeal & Spousal Sponsorship Lawyer

Immigration matters in charlottetown

Charlottetown is the largest city and the capital of Prince Edward Island. Prince Edward Island is called the “Garden Province” for its arable land and the dedication of its citizens for its gardens and orchards.

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