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Admissibility hearing means a semi-legal process. It’s not a court trial process. Mainly it determine by a person’s ability to stay in Canada or not. It decides by the Immigration Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board. They discover the person inadmissible to Canada.

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Admissibility hearings

A person determines admissibility hearings can cause for these reasons.

  1. Criminal convictions
  2. Risk to security in Canada
  3. Health reasons
  4. Financial Reasons
  5. Human or international rights violations
Security screening Immigration Appeal & Spousal Sponsorship Lawyer

Security screening

The CBSA covers all visitors, immigrants, and refugee claimants to keep Canada safe and secure. Inadmissible persons considered security risks not to allow or stay in Canada. Security screening work with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

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The Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) has the power to issue removal orders. It matters without considering an admissibility hearing. At that point, the CBSA demands a suitability hearing. It sends the IRB a report. The report defines that why it takes the person should not allow to enter in Canada.

A member will hear the review according to IRB bar process. It impose by the two opposite parties. This process is in the public so that media or members of the public may visit or provide details about the procedure.

After analyzing all data, the member gets a decision. The decision issues an order. The order needs a person to leave Canada or allows to person to enter or stay in Canada. If the person forced to detention, the member may order the person to remain in custody.

Sometimes the person may request to appeal the removal order. The person may look for permission or leave for a judicial review of the IRB decision. Minister counsel may seek for legal analysis.

Revoking citizenship Immigration Appeal & Spousal Sponsorship Lawyer

Revoking citizenship

Renunciation defined voluntary to giving up one’s citizenship or nationality. It is the opposite of naturalization. It means that a person voluntarily acquires a citizenship, and particular from denaturalization. Revoke means to take away something, and revoking ...

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Immigration admissibility hearings steps

Immigration admissibility hearings judge some levels to complete the process. These steps are 

  1. The person who tries to enter or stay in Canada considered the person as inadmissible by the Canada board service (CBSA) or Canada immigration counsel (CIC).
  2. The case refers to immigration refugee board (IRB) to the immigration division (ID) for an admissibility hearing.
  3. The person appears before an Immigration Division member for an admissibility hearing. Its results have two possible outcomes.
  • One is a person is allowed to enter or stay in Canada 
  • Immigration refugee board to immigration division issues a removal order.
Find out if you can enter Canada Immigration Appeal & Spousal Sponsorship Lawyer

Find out if you can enter Canada

The term inadmissible means someone or something that not accepted as value. If someone comes to Canada when they apply for a visa or when they arrive at a port of entry, decide by the Canadian ...

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