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Canada is one of the best countries in the world to work in and live in. Every year thousands of people come to Canada for livelihood. After coming to Canada, you may or may not need a work permit to work in Canada as a foreign worker. So, find out when you need a work permit and when not required. 

Below we have discussed how to find out if you need a work permit

You do need a work permit if you are;

  • Foreign athlete, coach, or member of an international team– who comes to Canada for a sports event. Or else, if you work for a Canadian team, then you’ll need a work permit.
  • Qualified agent or adviser– who is working on an aviation incident investigation under the Transportation Accident Investigation and Safety Board Act. 
  • A business visitor-who is not a part of the Canadian labour market. 
  • Member of the clergy.
  • Convention organizer-who organizes or runs international meetings.
  • Civil aviation inspector-who checks flight operation or cabin safety of commercial airlines.

Crew members such as; truck driver, bus driver, shipping, or airline worker-who work on foreign-owned and registered vehicles.

Get-a-Work-Permit Immigration In Canada

Get a Work Permit

If you are foreign nationals who want to work in Canada after arrival, you may need a work permit. The government of Canada offers two types of work permit for foreign nationals;

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  • Emergency service provider-who works in Canada to preserve life or property. 
  • Examiner, professor, academic expert, and evaluator-who supervises educational projects and university thesis. 
  • Expert witness or investigator-who provide evidence before a court of law.
  • A family member of a foreign representative. You will need a work permit if you meet the following requirements;
    • You are the spouse or child of an international representative
    • Global Affairs Canada accredits you
    • You get a letter of no objection from GAC. 
  • Foreign government officer or representative.
  • Health care student-who is doing clinical clerkships or training.

Judge, referee, or officials-who come to Canada at an international amateur competition.

Extend-or-Change-the-Conditions-on-Your-Work-Permit Immigration In Canada

Extend or Change the Conditions on Your Work Permit

As a temporary worker or a live-in caregiver, you can extend or change the status of a work permit. If your work permit is about to expire or need changes, you need to apply at least 30 days before the expiry date.

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  • Military personnel or members of the armed forces of another country.
  • A news reporter or part of film or media crew.
  • Producer, actor, or staff member-who come to Canada for the advertising shoot.
  • Performing artist-who performs in any event.
  • Public speaker or seminar leader.
  • High-skilled worker for a short term-whose job is not listed in the NOC skill type.
  • Researcher for the short-term.
  • A full-time student-who wants to work off-campus for up to 20 hours.
  • A full-time student-who wants to work on-campus.

If you want to apply for a job that is not listed above, you will need a work permit.

Travel-and-Work-in-Canada-as-a-Youth Immigration In Canada

Travel and Work in Canada as a Youth

International Experience Canada (IEC) offers young individuals to work and travel in Canada for temporary periods. If you are eligible to apply, then your application will be placed in one or more pools of IEC candidates.

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