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Canada is the country that comes first to assisting Syrian refugees. Canada has evolved to supporting the Syrian in need of their protection and safety. Canadians come together for Syria with communities to welcome Syrian refugees to resettlement in Canada.

How Canadian immigration services helping Syrian refugee

Key features

The key features are that the Canadian government resettled more than 25000 Syrian refugees between November 4, 2015, and February 29, 2016. In this period, Canada donate and sponsored Syrian to resettle down in Canada. Their commitment to resettling Syrian refugees to Canada in 2017.

Additionally, Canada sponsored Syrian by their community. Government-assisted refugee sponsor, 21,876 Syrian refugees. On the other hand, blended Visa office-referred refugee-like 3,931 Syrian sponsored to resettlement in Canada. About 14,274 Syrian sponsored by the privately sponsored refugee to resettlement in Canada.

By welcoming Syrian refugees to Canada, it was a historic effort. It shares some stories, videos, and photos of the journey to Canada and everyone who helped make it happened.

Appeal a refugee claim Immigration Appeal & Spousal Sponsorship Lawyer

Appeal a refugee claim

Act indicates the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act for appealing. A candidate who has been rejected by the Refugee Protection Division may have the right to an appeal. A claimant who appeals a decision is called an appellant.

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Helping way

Canada attains to help Syrian to make a difference in their lives in various ways.

  • To volunteering with an organization that works to welcome Syrian.
  • Work with second-hand shops, food banks, and charities.
  • Donate funds locally and globally.
  • We are sponsoring a Syrian refugee.

Welcoming in Canada

Securing operation Syrian Refugees felt welcome in Canada by working with settlement organizations. It’s decided where to send Syrian refugees based on these topics to help Syrian refugees.

Find services for refugees in Canada Immigration Appeal & Spousal Sponsorship Lawyer

Find services for refugees in Canada

The Canadian government has several plans to help refugees resettlement in Canada. Refugee candidates, convention refugees, and persons in need of protection have certain rights around ...

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  1. The majority of the privately sponsored refugees went to their sponsor’s communities.
  2. Whether or not the refugees had any relatives in Canada.
  3. The need for their specific services for those with medical conditions.
  4. The accessibility of schools, languages, training, and other services.

Government help refugees to find house

Securing permanent housing for Syrian refugees was and remained a key priority. All of government-assisted Syrian refugees who were resettled to Canada by the end of February 2016. They had found permanent accommodations by the summer of 2016.

Key figures on asylum claims Immigration Appeal & Spousal Sponsorship Lawyer

Key figures on asylum claims

People can make an asylum claim in Canada at a port of entry. It approved by the Canada Border Services Agencies (CBSA) inland office or immigration. It determine if a person qualifies to make a shelter guarantee by the Canada ...

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