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Canada is an uppermost choice and one of the best study abroad destinations for thousands of international students. It’s a great place to study or research and live. This multicultural country has become a top choice among international students for many reasons, such as;

  • High-quality and affordable education
  • A safe and welcoming environment
  • A multicultural society
  • High-tech opportunities
  • Excellent work environment
  • And many more.

If you want to come to Canada to study or do research, here is a brief guide that you must check.

All information about study, work and stay in Canada

Before You Study…

Choose a School

As a foreign national, the first thing you have to do is to choose a school. You can check the Canadian government’s website to find a designated learning institution. 

Prepare To Study in Canada Immigration In Canada

Prepare To Study in Canada

Canada is among the best study overseas destinations in the world. That is because Canadian degrees and certificates are widely universally recognized. Also, Canada has plenty of educational institutions with lots of degrees, and the cost of tuition ...

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There are a lot of schools that host international students. What you need to know is to do proper research about different programs and application process.  Finally, choose a school that has your preferred study program.

Student Life in Canada

Then do proper research to learn about life in Canada as a student. You must check all the tips for living as a student before coming to Canada.

Apply for a Study Permit

Once you decided your study program and institution. Apply to the school for an acceptance letter. After getting an acceptance letter, apply for a study permit. Make sure to check application and processing time and others.

Get a Study Permit Immigration In Canada

Get a Study Permit

Canada greets more than 130,000 international students each year. It is truly great news for international students. So, you are planning to study in Canada, but you need a Canadian study permit for that.

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While You Study…


As an international student in Canada, you can work to support your living. While studying, you can;

  • Work-on campus
  • Work-off campus
  • Work as a co-op student or intern

Extend Your Stay

If you need to stay in Canada for any reason, you can apply for extending your study permit. For other cases, you can apply for a visitor-visa to re-enter Canada or restore your study permit. 

Help Your Spouse Work

If you bring your spouse or partner along with you while studying, you can help them to work. Check whether your spouse is eligible or not. 

After You Graduate…

After completing your studies, you may want to stay in Canada to work or live in. Here your Canadian certificate may help you to get a job or to apply for a work permit. Later you may apply for permanent residence and becoming a Canadian citizen.

Get a Study Permit Faster Immigration In Canada

Get a Study Permit Faster

if you want to get your study permit faster, depending on your country, you can get it through the Student Direct Stream (SDS). The government of Canada may try to process your SDS application within 20 calendar days. It may take longer, as well.

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