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Turn your dream to acquire a permanent residency in Canada into reality with us. Be it a family class, economic class, or humanitarian class – Calgary permanent resident lawyers can help you in this regard.

A team of expert lawyers will assess your eligibility criteria and arrange necessary documents on your behalf to get you a PR in the most convenient way. So, book a consultation today or contact us to explore your possibilities.

What is a permanent residence?

A permanent residence is an immigration status in Canada. The IRCC (Immigration, Refugee & Citizenship Canada) approves your PR application. The PR status is not the same as other immigrants (international students or temporary foreign workers) living in Canada.

The added benefits and advantages enjoyed by PR immigrants are listed below:

  • Receive numerous (not all) social benefits like a Canadian citizen
  • Get multiple entry permissions in Canada during PR validity
  • Reside, study, or get placement anywhere in Canada
  • Eligibility to apply for Canadian citizenship
  • Get protection under Canadian laws
  • Get full protection from the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Remember, a PR immigrant is not a Canadian citizen. Thus, you as a PR cannot:

  • Vote in the political election
  • Run for a political office
  • Get placement for specific jobs requiring a top-level security clearance.

To know more about a permanent resident in Canada, book a slot with one of our expert immigration lawyers.

What do you need for permanent resident status?

Usually, you need to be in Canada to apply for permanent resident status in Canada. However, you may apply for PR status before entering Canada based on your home country. This is a bit tricky and complex to determine your eligibility to apply for permanent resident status.

We recommend you consult a permanent resident lawyer to make the process easy for you. An immigration lawyer can explain the puzzling legal instructions.

Also, s/he can help you to prepare accurately filled application forms. It increases the chance of your application getting approved on the first try.

Classes of permanent residency

IRCC has different classes of permanent residency. Knowing them can help you determine your right to permanent residence.

Below is the three immigration process for permanent residency:

Family Class

The objective of family class immigration is to reunite close family members/relatives of a Canadian citizen or a PR immigrant living outside Canada.

You are eligible to sponsor a family class immigration for your near and loved ones if:

  • You are at least 18 years old or above
  • You are a Canadian citizen
  • You have a valid permanent resident status
  • You are a registered person under the Canadian Indian Act in Canada
  • You are not legally barred from sponsor due to criminal offences
  • You have proof of financial ability to bear the basic needs of sponsored arriving in Canada

Consult a permanent residency lawyer to know more about whom you can sponsor as family class immigrants to get a PR in Canada.

Economic Class

The economic class focuses on the applicant’s ability to contribute to the Canadian economy. The following professions and programs are considered for economic class PR immigration:

  • Skilled workers of a Federal state
  • International investors
  • Self-employed individuals and entrepreneurs
  • Canadian experience class
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot Programs
  • Canadian Caregiver Programs
  • Provincial Nominees
  • Start-up business class

To check your eligibility to apply through economic class, you can contact one of our lawyers.

Humanitarian & Compassionate Class

If an individual does not normally qualify to apply for a permanent residency, s/he can apply through a humanitarian & compassionate (H&C) class. You can apply for H&C class if you are applying for permanent residency.

It usually takes 18 to 24 months to process your H&C application. The IRCC examines your application on a case-by-case basis.

We recommend that you hire a lawyer to fill up and submit your application appropriately.

Application Type

Below are the three most used types of applications to acquire a PR in Canada:


Suppose you are employed in Canada on a temporary work permit. Your employer has decided to make you a permanent worker. Now you can apply for permanent resident status. This is known as arranged employment.

Family Sponsorship

The family class sponsorship program is aimed to make a smooth reunion of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident living in Canada. To make an offer of the sponsor, you have to be a minimum of 18 years old Canadian or PR.

To know the detailed legal process of applying through family class sponsorship, talk to one of our experienced immigration lawyers.

Humanitarian and Compassionate Ground

Canada has an excellent reputation for providing PR to people on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. You can apply through the H&C program if you are not eligible to apply for permanent residency in another program.

Regardless of your application type, it is always the safest option to hire a permanent resident lawyer.

Express Entry Program or Permanent Residency

Express entry program is an online system to apply for PR in Canada under-skilled workers program.

Below are the stages of applying for the express entry program:

  • Stage 1: determining your eligibility
  • Stage 2: collecting & organizing necessary documents
  • Stage 3: submission of your information to create your profile
  • Stage 4: get the invitation and apply for PR within due time

The IRCC takes 180 days to complete processing your application when you submit a correctly filled application along with all necessary documents.

If you are a skilled worker, you should apply through the express entry program. Other than this, you should look for different PR programs.

Who is Eligible for a PR Card?

To apply for a permanent resident card means that you are already an approved permanent resident. The general guides to be eligible to apply for a PR card are:

  • Individuals having a PR status
  • Being physically present inside Canada
  • The person not being a Canadian citizen
  • Not having any order by the Government of Canada to leave the country

A PR card is an official evidence to testify your permanent resident status in Canada. You simply follow the procedure to apply for the PR card.

How Do We Work?

Below is our standard procedure of operation to help you with permanent residency status in Canada:

  • Explain the immigration laws & rules in everyday language
  • Evaluate your situation to determine the application type
  • Help you to fill correctly fill-up the application
  • Guide you to organize supporting documents appropriately
  • Help you with submitting an appeal in case of application being denied

Contact Us

You should take legal assistance from the very beginning of your PR Application process. You can reach us by calling at (403) 538-3460. You can also write us at [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

You can read the blow section to get your answer to the most frequently asked questions.

How do I fill out an IRCC application?

You can fill out an IRCC application on paper or online. In both cases, you have to answer each required question. Moreover, you should provide the latest and authentic answers.

If you find filling up an IRCC application difficult to complete by yourself, you must take legal help.

What is an application number?

An application number is a unique serial number designated to your application. Do NOT confuse it with the unique client ID (UCI) or client ID.

Immigration & Citizenship Canada sends you the application when it starts processing your application.

How to get permanent resident status in Calgary?

AINP (the Alberta Immigration Nominee Program) offers different immigration streams for different professionals. You can choose one of the streams to get PR in Calgary as a skilled worker.

How to apply for PR Calgary?

You have followed the IRCC and provincial guidelines to apply for PR in Calgary. You can also hire a Calgary permanent resident lawyer to apply for PR in Calgary properly.

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