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Are you looking for citizenship in Canada? Are you an individual of a foreign nation? It is normal to get confused and face difficulty claiming citizenship in Canada or selecting the most experienced Langley citizenship lawyer to be your trusted representative.

To solve any of these situations or have any kind of legal guidance, it is better that you hire a lawyer. Langley citizenship lawyers are a group of highly professional citizenship lawyers who can deal with this kind of citizenship issue. 

The job of a citizenship lawyer is to help you with the application submitting to claim citizenship. Here in Langley, we provide the most superior citizenship lawyer services.

We are combined with the most skillful and experienced lawyers famous for solving naturalization, citizenship test, and claiming citizenship application status.

Obtaining Citizenship by Birth

The citizenship process in Canada starts with a citizenship application. Even though a child born in Canada is considered a citizen of Canada automatically, this is also applicable in neutralized parents’ children.

For any confusion through your journey to achieve Canadian citizenship, you can feel free to ask our professionals and take our services.

Permanent Resident Status After Living

If you live in Canada as a permanent resident, you need to follow specific terms and conditions. These are residency obligations for maintaining the permanent resident obligation. After permanent resident status and living in Canada, you can travel outside of Canada if you want.

You can ask our lawyers about the way to get permanent residency status after living in Canada.

Things You Need to Do to Become a Citizen Through Naturalization

Naturalization is a process of becoming a citizen of Canada if you were born outside of Canada

You can become a citizen through the naturalization process following the steps below in Canada:

  • Become a permanent resident Canada
  • Have been living in Canada for at least three years or 1095 days
  • By being listed, taxpayers
  • Passing of citizenship test
  • Proven speaker of any of the Canadas official language

Our highly experienced citizenship lawyer can help you in you every step of naturalization to make you a Canadian citizen in the process.

What Happens to Naturalized Parents’ Children?

After a particular parent becomes a citizen of Canada through naturalization, the children of that naturalized parents can become the citizen of Canada if they are born in Canada. And it is an automatic process of getting the citizenship of Canada.

What Happens to Naturalized Peoples’ Original Citizenship?

According to Canadian Law, if you become a Canadian citizen of Canada by the naturalization process, you can still be the citizen of your original country even though not all the country will let you keep your original Canadian citizenship if you become a citizen of another country.

For more inquiries and consultancy, you can take assistance from our expert panel. Who are 24/7 ready to hear you and give the perfect solution to your problem.

How is the Citizenship Test?

The citizenship test in Canada is a test combined with multiple choice questions on Canada. The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) regulates this test. The test includes 30 minutes for answering 20 true or false questions. The topics of the test cover the subjects like:

  • History of Canada
  • Politics of Canada
  • Geography
  • Values and identity
  • Citizens” responsibility

The applicant must be present in Canada while taking the test and must appear for the test within 21 days of receiving the invitation. Ask our lawyers for having a more favourable result in your citizenship test. We can assure you that you won’t be dissatisfied. 

Citizenship – After Living in The Country as A Refugee

There may arise a question in your mind about how long it will take to become a citizen of Canada being a refugee.

If a person lives in Canada as a Refugee, they can apply for permanent living status and ultimately apply for the citizenship of Canada. To become a Canadian citizen for a refugee, there is some process to follow.

 The law is that the applicant must wait a minimum of 4 years to become the eligible candidate of citizenship application. In the meantime, they have to prove their expertise in one of the official languages of Canada. It may take up to two years to process the application.

What Does My Citizenship Application Status Mean?

After receiving an acknowledgement of receipt letter or mail, you can check your citizen application status. It may be a congratulatory message acknowledging your successful application to become a citizen of Canada.

Check your citizenship status with the help of our highly professional lawyer.

Citizenship Application Requirements

Canadian citizenship application timeline and requirement of becoming a potential applicant of citizenship in Canada include:

  • Permanent residency in Canada
  • Residency in Canada for three years out of five years.
  • A listed taxpayer
  • Have passed the citizenship test
  • Possess Canadian language skill

If you are losing your patience, hire our lawyer, the most experienced in the town. And stay in peace.

Who Can Represent Me On My Citizenship Application?

It will be advantageous for you if you hire an authorized representative in the process of your citizenship application.

  • Citizenship application lawyer
  • Authorized representative
  • Articling students
  • Particular paralegals
  • Immigration consultant

We are quite a competent firm, and we have the most skillful lawyers to be your representative. Talk to us and make your path easier.

What Can I Do If My Citizenship Application is Refused?

There are reasons and conditions for which a citizenship application can be refused. You can seek judicial review. The Federal Court of Canada takes the decision, and you have at best thirty days to apply for the judicial review.

If you don’t know what to do in this kind of situation, consult with our most skillful professional in the town.

How Long Does It Take to Process Langley Citizenship?

As the citizenship application process includes completing the application, citizenship test, interview, the average time of the citizenship application process is one year in Langley. Any kind of unwanted situation may hamper the timetable.

 Why We Should Be Your Ultimate Choice

It may be difficult for a foreign individual to go through every process and claim citizenship in Canada. As a reputed service provider, You may need us for the following issue in achieving citizenship in Canada.

  • If you are looking for permanent citizenship in Canada
  • For performing a quick process of naturalization, no doubt we are the most prominent
  • For a more affordable process of claiming the citizenship
  • If you need permanent residency status after living in Langley
  • For becoming a successful candidate in the citizenship test
  • We are a proactive and result-oriented firm. You will never face any delay
  • As your trusted representative through the process.

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Frequently Asked Question

For more enlightenment and understanding on claiming citizenship in Canada, you see our following frequently asked questions.

How much does a citizenship lawyer cost?

In Canada, the cost of a citizenship lawyer is decided on an hourly basis. The average rate may vary from $200 to $400. And the maximum rate is $600.
Do Lawyers help with citizenship?

You can take assistance from the professional for applying for citizenship in Canada. An expert in dealing with the citizenship law can help in every way.

Can any lawyer do immigration?

Only the authorized immigration lawyer can do the immigration. The primary purpose of an immigration lawyer is to guide you through the process of immigration. A citizenship or immigration lawyer must be a member of Canadian provincial or territorial law society or Chambre des notaires du Québec

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