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Are you looking for immigration to Canada? Do you need a litigator to solve your problem? A litigator is a courtroom lawyer who can help you can help you to resolve your immigration litigation and other legal aspects of being a professional and representing yourself in court.

We have the most prominent and highly experienced group of lawyers in Langley to help you with immigration litigation and dealing with any cases.

Our complete and yearlong experience is unparalleled, and we are the most cost-effective service provider in the town.

What is a Litigation Lawyer?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the meaning of litigation is the process of taking a case to a court of law so that a judgment can be made.

The main work of a litigator is in the courtroom. A litigator or commercial litigator or litigator normally deals with legal activities and represents his clients staying in the courtroom. His task range may include the following actions.

  • Professional, specialized in investigating and prosecuting the case
  • Defending the claim of the client

If you are worried about your immigration litigation, feel free to ask ourselves and take assistance from our promising litigation lawyers.

Is a Litigator the Same as a Lawyer?

Unlike a lawyer, a litigator is a courtroom representative who accomplishes a certain edge in the court. We can explain the activities of a lawyer as follows:

  • It is another form of barrister
  • Lawyers can work in multiple areas and but the litigator primarily work in the courtroom
  • In Canada, the word is used more than the barrister.

What does a Litigation Lawyer Do?

A litigator does some very specific types of job including:

  • Arguing cases in the courtroom
  • Disputing the resolution between the individuals
  • Or between corporation
  • Works on representing the claimants
  • Defends before or after the court hearing

Not all litigation ends in court, but he will be prepared with the necessary arrangement to finalize the proceedings in times of need.

Types of Litigation Lawyer

Different types of litigation lawyers complete multiple ranges of activities, and the types of lawyers can be a,

  • Civil Litigator
  • Tax Litigator
  • Commercial Litigator
  • Probate Litigator
  • Financial Litigator
  • Services Litigator
  • Regulatory Litigator
  • Criminal Litigator
  • Matrimonial Litigator
  • Divorce Litigator
  • Construction Litigator
  • Intellectual property Litigator
  • Insolvency and bankruptcy
  • Personal injury
  • Shipping and insurance and litigation

Civil Litigation Lawyer

This kind of trial lawyer works on the civil lawsuit and processes the task on the clients’ behalf. Litigator or trial lawyers represent the plaintiff and defendants in civil lawsuits and manage all the processes, including investigating, pleading, discovery, pretrial, settlements, and appeal.

Commercial Litigation Lawyer

You can go to a commercial litigation expert to breach a contract, partnership dispute, class action, business and shareholder issue, annual taxation issue.

Corporate Litigation Lawyer

As a response to your clients, a corporate litigate lawyer can do the following:

  • Works as a representative of any business organization or corporation.
  • At the time of the legal process, corporate law may be applicable in these cases.
  • Like accounting and taxation law, contracts and mergers law.

How Can We Help You?

There are different kinds of legal issues that need serious investigation with the help of legal professionals in our civil and corporate life. In immigration to Canada, you may face some unwanted situations and eventually end up in court. We have the most expert group of litigation lawyers to help in all of these situations. Our litigation firm and immigration litigation lawyer can be your great help for:

  • Being your representative in the court.
  • Your advisor and legal guide.
  • To help you through the immigration process and bring the most suitable solution for you
  • We can save your time and money by being a trusted client of ours.

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You don’t need to waste your time looking for a lawyer or any guidance. Just mail us at the following address [email protected] or call us directly (604) 535-7777. Feel free to contact us anytime. We are always ready to hear from you with care and guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, we have organized some frequently asked questions that we think may help you in the process.

What Does a Litigation Lawyer Deal with?

A litigation lawyer is different from a conventional lawyer who normally prosecutes his argument in the courtroom. And helps people to take legal action considering the legal process.

What is the Difference Between a Litigator and a Lawyer?

A lawyer is a legal expert who normally deals with legal aspects and practices law. On the other hand, a litigator’s job is more representational and focused on representing clients in the court.

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