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How to Get Canada Investor Visa from India?

August 17, 2020BY Faisal Mustafa

Canada is one of the most developed countries in the world. A better lifestyle and a world-class business environment make it attractive to foreign investors. Therefore, many countries, including India, want to invest here because it is more profitable.

If you are planning for investing here and want to get immigrated to Canada, you have several options for this. Firstly, you can take a startup visa or can take a provincial visa. After investing here, you can get immigrated to Canada with your family.

If you are looking for relevant information about the Canadian investor visa from India, you are on the right page.

Start-up visa program for investor

It is known to all that Canada is the world’s best place for business. Because of having huge natural resources, the country has a huge chance of prosperity and a stable government where people can easily invest here and acquire a large number of huge business prospects.

A startup visa is a type of general visa that allows you to do business in Canada and also will enable you to stay here. However, you, along with your business, must complete some basic requirements to be successful here.

Your business must be creative, create employment, and can compete with some world-class business organization. You can also apply for a work permit when you are busy in the working process.

Requirements for business visa

The applicant who applies must hold at least 10% voting share and hold respective rights for the company. On the other hand, the designation organization, the company must hold at least a 50% share of voting for the company.

Once you have got a permanent visa, you must ensure the following requirements.

While staying in Canada, you must have an engagement in the business. As your business is incorporated in Canada, the relative materials should be in here.

Letter support

A letter is a must when you invest in Canada. A letter is given from an organization that declares that you are ready to invest in Canada and have completed all basic requirements.

You should invest at least $200000 for getting Canadian citizenship. On the other hand, in the case of an angel investor group, you should invest $75000.

Language requirements

You must have good communication skills, whether in English or French.

Settlement issue

When you invest here and get immigrated with your family, the Canadian government doesn’t provide any financial support. Instead, you must prove that you have good money to support you as well as your family.

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The provincial nominee programs

The provincial nominee program allows or invites the right or skillful people to invest here and live here under the provincial rights. Under the PNP, it allows only one investor who wants to start their business here in Canada. Several programs are available in this connection.

Tips for Indian Entrepreneur Before Investing in Canada

A lot of Indian people get immigrated to Canada in many ways. Again, people from India also want to invest here for many purposes. Are you an Indian who wants to invest? In this connection, the Canadian entrepreneur program is the best way for the Indian to get a startup visa.

The country takes a good initiative to attract foreign investors to invest here in Canada. The program was started on 1st April 2013. The Canadian government doesn’t only invite foreign investors. Instead, they take all required steps which ensure easy access and easy business operations so that it creates huge employment for a Canadian citizen.

Four different ways to get a business visa

Canada is the world’s most cost-effective investment in a global place. It is ruling like a leader country. She has the world’s best industries, like Aerospace, agriculture, information technology, automobile, petroleum, and so on.

A lot of foreign people invest in Canada because the government removes all barriers for foreign investors, and this creates a lot of job opportunities here as well as a great contribution to the national economy.

  • Investor
  • Entrepreneur
  • Start-up Visa program

These are the most common visa that people apply for.

Requirements for Canada Investor Visa From India

There are some basic requirements to get an investor visa in Canada. You might have money, but you can’t invest here if you don’t meet the basic requirements. Those are as follows.

Support from the organization

You must have support from a designated organization to apply for a business visa in Canada. It ensures your valid identity in Canada.

Language capability

You are going to start your business here. So, you must have good communication skills. You may be good at your mother language, but when you travel here, you have to know either French or English. Officially you should have at least 5 on IELTS.

Enough financial support

When you are going to invest in Canada, you must have enough financial support to stay here. The Canadian government doesn’t provide any assistance to the investor while living in Canada. Therefore, it is important to prove that you have enough money to support yourself as well as your family while applying.

Self-employed program

Some applicant wants to be self-employed in Canada. This program is designed for them. These types of employment need to have a better idea about culture or sports or have good experience running any firm or management.

Requirements for self-employed

  • The applicant should have experience in cultural activities.
  • You must have participated in the cultural activity at the international level
  • Experience in farm activities.

While selecting you as the applicant for a visa, some criteria are considered in this connection. The requirements are as follows

  • Age
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Adaptability
  • Language

A Short Review

Developed countries like Canada are always a destination for foreign investment. A lot of people from India get immigrated in many ways every year. Those who have huge money are immigrating to Canada and invest there.

A better lifestyle and a good business environment make Canada the best country for the investor. The Canadian government takes the necessary step to remove all barriers and attract foreign investors to invest and contribute to the national economy as well as create employment opportunities.

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