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6 Best Business Opportunities in Canada for Immigrants

January 14, 2021BY Immigrationincanada

For the Covid-19 pandemic, the whole world is going through dire straight. Canada is still providing its support to its citizens and permanent residence. However, the Canadian government is also allowing small-medium businesses as well as large businesses to flourish in Canada.

You can be an immigrant yet have greater opportunities in Canada because Canada encourages small and medium businesses to be in Canada. There are special facilities for women entrepreneurs also.

More businesses mean more job opportunities, and more job opportunities will make a country productive when everyone is employed, and the country will have a better financial dependency. So let’s check out some of the business opportunities in Canada for immigrants to start with.

Top 5 Business Opportunities in Canada for Immigrants

Here is the best business for new immigrants in Canada that can provide you a chance to migrate to Canada and start your own business here.

Agriculture and Farming Business

The agricultural and agro-food industry of Canada is one of the most significant sectors of Canada. It is very well organized and contributes around $49 billion to Canada’s GDP. Canada provides many options to the immigrants and facilitates those who want to migrate to Canada for business.

Investments in this industry also create new job opportunity such as

  • Farmers
  • Truck drivers
  • Butchers

The popular provinces for investment in agriculture for the immigrants are

  • Ontario
  • Saskatchewan,
  • Alberta, Manitoba
  • British Columbia

There is affordable ready farmland with and without farmhouses in sale in various places of Canada. Investors can invest in this land to start their businesses on ready lands to start their farming businesses. Investing in agriculture can be the most profitable business in Canada.

Accommodation and Food Services

The food and accommodation industry is thriving all over the world. Though the recent pandemic has affected Canada’s industry, it is still one of the booming sectors. Hence, there are many scopes to make a profitable venture and create employment opportunities. The food and accommodation industry also includes tourism and hospitality.

Business in this industry requires experienced and passionate employees such as

  • Chef
  • Waiters
  • Server
  • Guide
  • Drivers
  • Hotel managers
  • Restaurant managers
  • And many more

People will be hungry and require food all the time. Trends may change, but necessities will never be replaced by anything. Hence investing in this industry can be pretty safe.

Wholesale & Retail

Although Canada’s wholesale and retail division took a slender blow in 2019’s end, the retail industry grew steadily month after month in 2020.

Like the whole world, Canada is also waiting for the air to be free from covid-19. The pandemic settles down wholesale and retail industries like gasoline stations, motor vehicle and parts dealerships, and general retail will boom again.

There is also a huge demand for medical supplies. This demand is high due to the current pandemic. Furthermore, there is a need for masks, hand sanitizers, and other essential goods to save people from the pandemic. As more people get sick, there is a demand for medicines too.

As a result, people who want to start a business in Canada can definitely go for wholesale and retail trade.


Construction business is another necessity. As the population will increases, the number of structures will never stop building. That is why investing in construction can get you steady growth; hence it is a good idea to invest in this industry. There is substantial growth in commercial buildings than residential buildings.

Canada needs laborers and experts from all over the world to be in one place. Hence the Canadian government has welcomed people from all over the globe to join this country.  This industry is responsible for thousands of employment opportunities. It requires

  • Engineers
  • Labors
  • Construction managers
  • Operators
  • Drivers
  • And more

When a construction project is over, it also requires employees such as

  • Guards
  • Shopkeepers
  • Generators
  • And more

There are other structural constructions like roads and highways that bring the provinces closer and increase productivity.

Immigration and Recruitment

Immigration is a great opportunity for people to join the Canadian economy and the government of Canada welcomes everyone. After you can get your citizenship, you can also help others to become immigrants in Canada.

If you can migrate to Canada with your business settled, you will be able to offer employment. Besides you can recruit people who will be part of a better place. And your business will also have employees.

Most notably, you will not only give jobs and opportunities, but you will also help the whole economy and increase productivity. People of other nations will have the chance to be a part of a greater economy and enjoy being a Canadian citizen.

How to Start a Business in Canada as a Foreigner?

In this section, we will tell you how to start a company in Canada. There are a plethora of home business opportunities in Canada. As a foreigner, you must already know that the first requirement is a visa.

In this regard, you can apply for a Startup Visa. It is the most common visa for entrepreneurs to migrate to Canada and settle their business. However, there some requirements to get this visa, such as

  • You need a business plan
  • You must have financial solvency and have sufficient money to create your business
  • Your business must create job opportunities.

Final Word

Here are the best business opportunities in Canada for immigration that you need to know. Many helpful agencies can guide you to move forward with the visa and immigration process. And now that you know how to start, you can start planning to do your business in Canada. So what are you waiting for? Start your own business in Canada today.

We are experienced in immigration issues and proudly serving people globally. We aim to make the immigration process as easy as water.

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