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Visitor Visa Extension Canada Processing Time

October 15, 2020BY Immigrationincanada

Are you willing to enter into Canada by a visitor visa? At the same time, you can complete the business task and enjoy the beauty of the world’s second-largest country. So what will be the visitor visa extension Canada processing time? Let’s discuss it in detail!

What Is Visitor Visa In Canada?

A visitor visa is an official document that will stick in your passport. It will clarify that this guy has fulfilled the requirement to enter into Canada. It can be done through an online form fill-up or comfortable enough then go for the paper-based application.

To get a visitor visa, you must have to fulfill some common needs like

  • A valid passport with an expiration date of a minimum of 6 months
  • A financial statement that will prove that you will be able to stay in Canada
  • A letter of invitation from your relatives if you are willing to stay with them.

This process is not very hard. You need to show the proper bank statement there. Here both tourist visas and visit visas are considered a temporary resident visa, and it indicates that you are traveling to Canada for a small amount of time.

It might cost near about $100 to apply for a visit visa, and in the case of biometrics, you have to pay another $85.

Chances Of Getting a Canadian Visitor Visa

If your document is authentic, then there is a good chance that you can get it. According to the statistics of IRCC, which is Immigration, Refugee, Citizenship Canada, the rate of getting a Visitor Visa has increased one fourth in the year 2018.

If you have 3 members, you might need almost $20k funds in the bank for applying for a visit visa. The timeframe of your visitor visa will be up to 6 months, and if it is less than that, then the port officer will write down the date beside the stamp. A visitor visa’s normal processing time will be up to 15 days.

How Long Is Visitor Visa Extension Canada Processing Time?

Now, if you wish to extend your visitor visa in Canada, it is recommended that you have to apply here at least 30 days before the expiration date of your visitor visa. Otherwise, it will be impossible for you to extend your visitor visa and legally stay in Canada.

Here two types of processes are available for you. The application can be done online, or you can go for a paper-based application. So you will decide which process will suit you the most.

On average, for extending a visitor visa in Canada, the online application will take almost 103 days, and for any paper-based application, you need 111 days. Within this time, if everything is okay, you can get an extension of your visitor visa. So now you can stay in Canada 1 to 2 years more.

How To Get a Work Permit Visa In Canada?

Some people have the query in their mind that will I be able to change my visitor visa to a work visa? Yes, it is possible to some extent. In that case, you might need a job offer from any reputed company, and it will help you to change your visa status from temporary to work visa.

Within these 6 months, you have to manage this job. Otherwise, it is not possible, and you are bound to return to your home. While converting to a visitor visa to a working visa, the timeframe will be a big issue, and you have to manage it smartly. Again, you need proper skill and presentation capacity.

What will you do if the visa extension is denied?

It will be sad news for you. In this case, you do not have a chance to stay in Canada, not anymore. You have to get back to your home country, and in the future, you may try again for a Canadian visa.

How many times can you extend your visa time?

For extending visitor visa status, there is no stature rule. The visa officer will examine you properly and find out the legal causes.

If he can find any legal cause, then you might consider you as a valid candidate. Otherwise, he will deny your visa permission. Just reject the application in a normal procedure.

Final words

Canada is an immigrant-friendly country, and every year they encourage thousands of new immigrants to come and work in Canada. So this is a high chance to prepare yourself for this journey. Again, visitor visa extension Canada processing time is around 100-120 days. So, apply before the time you want to visit Canada.

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